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I love my country. I am proud to be a Canadian. We live in a beautiful land; we have ample natural resources; we have a long peaceful history; we are a truly multicultural nation; we have made major contributions to the advancement of society; and we are, all in all, a great people.Canada is the second largest land mass on earth -- and what a beautiful country it is! Surrounded by three oceans, it has an incredible variety of landscape. From the vast, pure, arctic north, to the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, to the prairies, through the rocky Canadian Shield, the fertile farmlands of southern Ontario and Québec, to the picturesque Maritime Provinces, Canada is amazing. Each region has its own beauty. Our cities are filled with exciting things to do; our small towns are welcoming and rich with history; our farmlands are abundant and peaceful. In my southern Ontario home, I can enjoy four beautiful seasons and, within little more than an hour, I can be experiencing the country's largest city, resting along the shores of the Great Lakes, or hiking through wilderness trails. I cannot imagine anywhere else on earth with such beauty and diversity.Our amazing landscape also provides us with many natural resources, which we have learned to harvest. Hydro power from Niagara Falls, abundant forests and fish stocks, fertile farmland, rich oil fields -- the list is long. We have more than enough to help ourselves and, along the way, we have ample opportunities to help the rest of the world. Our wealth gives us so many advantages and, I think, special responsibility in the "global village."One of the things about Canada which makes me most proud is our peaceful history. Certainly, we have been involved in wars and, when necessary (such as in World War II), Canadian soldiers made a major difference. But the Canadian mentality is oriented towards peace. Our troops are peace-keepers, not aggressors. Our instincts are to resolve our problems through negotiations, not bloodshed. Both in our relationships with other countries and in our internal problems, we tend to avoid violence. Even in our most difficult divisions --around the treatment of native peoples...

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