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Kanye West: I'm A God Essay

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“I’m a God”
Everybody says who they are and what they are but that’s just being there self and telling others that you are who you are. Kanye West the most influential rapper thinks he is a “god” or tries to connect himself into god. He said he doesn’t have any explanation on it but he said that he is “the number one rapper on this planet” and everybody should respect him. West is also an artist/fashion designer, which he have struggled a lot, he compares himself to Michael Jackson by saying his struggle to break into fashion is like when Michael Jackson was fighting to get his videos on MTV , and he wants to change the whole system of fashion and be the major fashion designer. Kanye likes his music and his overall work to define who he is and how his work influences others.

There are lots of songs that influence his fan; his songs influence the way you think and the way you look at the society. In his song “No church in the wild” he talks about how he formed his own belief and how he controls it, just like god controls it but he gives out permissions that god doesn’t give out. He says “ It’s something that a teacher can’t teach when we die the money we can’t keep but we probably spend it all cause the pain ain’t cheap: Preach” he says that because how this doesn’t assimilate to any regular religion in real life it’s something that can’t be taught or preached. There are also lots of other songs that are talks about him and how he looks at the world, and how he sees the society.
Kanye West talks about himself in his song “I’m a god” he keeps on repeating the phrase “I’m a god” to show that he is who he is and nobody can change that. In his song he also keeps on demanding the things he want, and compare himself to god and he also says “Even though I’m a man of god my whole life in the hands of god so y’all better quit playing with god”. He is trying to say that whatever he is doing god is with him; god is with him because even if there are haters hating his work and not appreciating the thing he does, there are lots of others who are happy with it and appreciates his work that’s how he is very successful with his career. West also says that god sees what we are doing so we should be afraid because god has power to do anything with our life. There are lots of people in his life who tried to put him down or made him look bad but he is not worried about them because he thinks that they are Jealous of him and wished they had his life because he is the number 1 rapper in the planet. The most influential person in his life is Michael Jackson if it wasn’t for him he wouldn’t be who he is right now. This shows that he is aware of actual reality and incorporates this into his lyrics.

Kanye west is so effective in his songs and his work that he makes people to believe in themselves and tell you what you can do for yourself. He makes music 3 dimensional: something that jumps up and affects you in a positive or negative way. You can do anything you want if...

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