We Matter Essay

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We Matter Essay

Have you ever loved something so much? Like a stuffed animal, or even a real animal? Do you know, what it would feel like if that special thing disappeared into thin air? Well even though everyone knows that will absolutely dreadful, but even if it is, it still is thinkable because of the loss of shelter, food, disruption that leads to abuse? Well these corruptions, they can all be canceled out with counters. For example: Animals do have shelter, every animal has food, and they all have their own business that we can’t interfere with. Well, those are counter moves, but they aren’t happening right now, and those are something that we need to fix. Animals are crying out, “WE ...view middle of the document...

Food, don’t you love it? Well so do animals, but the thing is that they can’t really enjoy it as much as they can! We have plenty of food, want to know why? Well firstly, we kill animals so we can cook them, we steal their food (berries, etc.) It’s getting better when it comes to food, but still animals can’t get what the proper animal needs to survive! Now, you’re probably thinking that you can get all the things that have to do with food at a pet store or, animal stores etc. But really, getting natural food for an animal is like spending 3 days without internet, yeah it’s that hard. Food has become easier to obtain for an animal, but with the increase of contamination, this will not last very long. So now you know, that the next time an animal takes your food, let him have it.

Animal abuse, why does it happen? It’s a confusing topic. And it’s not just physical, there are some disgusting people out there who verbally abuse animals, or even sexually harass them! Events like those still occur very...

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