We Meet Again Essay

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I never thought we'd meet again. Well, maybe I did in the “fantasy land” part of my mind, which resides next to my successful career as a Pixar animator and my lavish life after hitting the lottery. Our last encounter was brief. I was too busy perfecting my ability to sink a ping pong ball into a red Solo cup to give you the attention that you needed. I left abruptly one day—withdrew myself completely. Yet, here we are again. The importance for me to give this another try is apparent; I need to further myself with you, expand my opportunities in life, and excel. Yes, life would be manageable without you, but now I understand how much better it will be with you.
I pull into the parking lot at 6:15p.m. Forty-five minutes early? Only then do I realize I'm a little more eager than I had previously thought I would be. How many seconds are in a minute? Surely not sixty; every minute feels like an hour. Thirty minutes drag by until I finally decide to pour myself out of the car. The night is clear and humid, and I can feel the curls in my hair frizzing already, despite the three layers of hairspray I swam in before leaving my house. I begin walking towards you. Confidence. Don't be nervous. Your hair is fine. You're not too early. Here goes nothing.
I heave open your heavy door, with the black handle worn to a copper color and glass dirtied with finger prints. The light fixtures guide me down the long, seemingly never-ending hallway. Are you sure this is the right one? I look at the number displayed outside of the door over and over before I decide that it isn't going to magically change. The small, stuffy room has a few occupants already. I flash them a quick smile as I walk in and claim a seat in the back, right-hand corner.
As the minute hand nears closer to the twelve the room fills with more and more people. A sense of relief comes over me as I realize the group is an assortment of characters; there is a wide array of ages and backgrounds and stories to share. It's a nice change from the crowd I had experienced with you before—the full...

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