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We Must Control Facebook Amd Make Certain That Facebook Does Not Control Us

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We all know about Facebook and most of us already have an account. It is everywhere; you can use Facebook to create accounts on different websites, you see the little square with the white “f” on the blue background on ads, on TV, on magazines; the Indian edition of Forbes made Facebook a candidate-along with 20 human beings – for Indian Person of the Year (Burt, Stephen). What started as a simple way to get back at an ex-girlfriend, in a couple of years, grew into the biggest social network out there.
As describe by Stephen Burt in his work:
Founded in early 2004, restricted first to Harvard, then to students at American universities, and now open to anyone, the site claims 500 million users, having passed MySpace to become the largest social networking site in the world. Social networks – Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Bebo (big in the UK) and QQ (big in China) – let users build a page about themselves, containing everything from romantic status (‘married’, ‘single’, ‘it’s complicated’) to video clips; each user’s page is linked to the pages of ‘friends’.
From the creation of the account, users customize their own profile, upload and share different content, update romantic statuses, and chat with others, making them more sociable (Asbury 127). On the surface, Facebook is this amazing platform that allows people to share, to interact, and to stay in contact with friends and relatives while at the same time giving the opportunity to forge new relationships. This was my point of view as well, until one day I found myself having a very serious, lengthy conversation with a friend of mine, on Facebook, when we lived only 5 minutes away. At that point, while waiting for her to answer, I started wondering whether Facebook was making us more or less social, whether it really was an aid, or a drawback. In this paper, I will set out to argue that although Facebook has undoubtedly some positive sides to it, ultimately its cons outweigh the pros.
Facebook is an amazing platform to meet new people. It provides parties with everything they want to know about another person; from gender and age to sexual preferences and romantic status to interests and preference. This multitude of information helps people with similar interests and preferences to connect; people with whatever interests they come together in virtual space. A study found that especially for college students who traveled to a different city or, abroad, to a different country, Facebook helped them alleviate stress and loneliness by helping them solidify and strengthen their relationships with their relatives and parents (Asbury et al. 127). In a way, Facebook serves as a virtual home, where students, who felt homesick and lonely in their new environment, and who had a hard time fitting in, could “hang-out” again with their relatives.
That is to say, it does not just do that; “curing” homesickness. Facebook also helps new students to familiarize with their new environment and connect with...

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