We Must Eliminate Animal Testing For Cosmetics

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We Must Eliminate Animal Testing for Cosmetics
Jane goes to work everyday at an animal-testing lab. She pours liquids used in eyeliner into the eyes of numerous albino rabbits. The rabbits' eyes are held open with clips so that for the 72 hour test period, the rabbits can't even blink. The rabbits' bodies are in a box so that only their head protrudes. Jane watches the rabbits and records how the rabbits’ eyes react. She observes as the rabbits’ eyes bleed intensely. Some eyes become extremely deteriorated, and some rabbits even become blind due to the toxicity of the liquid being tested. As she walks down the line writing down what each rabbit's reaction is, Jane notices many rabbits have broken their own necks trying to escape the horrendous pain ("Product...").

Animal testing has long played a part in the science of testing, and it still plays a very important role in the medical world. Testing on animals in order to create a cure for AIDS is one thing, but testing on animals for human vanity is another. Animal testing is used to test the safety of a product. It has kept some very unsafe substances out of the cosmetic world. However, in this day in age, animal testing is not the only way to test the safety of a product. Animal testing in cosmetics has decreased over the years. However, it is still used by many companies in America. Animal testing is not only cruel, but it is also unnecessary in today’s advanced scientific world.

There are over a thousand ingredients that are used in cosmetics that are already proven to be safe for human use. These ingredients can be mixed and matched creating new and unique products. Many people argue that this is not suitable for the demanding market. The craving for "new" and "improved" products is only getting stronger ("Our…"). This is true, and people always want something new, but if a "new" or "improved" product can’t be made with the substances already proven to be safe, then other means besides animal testing can be taken. There are many alternatives to testing on live animals in today’s world.

Animal testing is often not the most accurate method of testing. The results from many tests differ from laboratory to laboratory, and animal to animal. Whether the product was proven to be safe or not is often times questionable ("Product…"). It is true that many rabbits are bred so that their genetic makeup is nearly identical. However, often times this is not a very good strategy because the genetic makeup of every human is different.

Companies who do not animal test can still be on the top of the world of cosmetics. The Body Shop, Avon and Estee Lauder are just three of the 500 companies who are cruelty free ("Product…", "What…"). Most of these manufacturers are still competing against many companies, who do animal tests, for the top spots in the world of cosmetics. Many people argue that the animal testing companies got where they are today by animal testing. This may be true, but in...

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