We Must Fight Eating Disorders And Low Self Esteem

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Some people observe negative images of themselves whilst gazing back in the mirror because of subliminal advertising, mental health, and unconscious habits. The individuals staring back from the mirror at them are not real. Often times society disregards reality that no one possesses the perfect body because everyone is unique. Unfortunately, people who experience body dissatisfaction have a hard time grasping this concept of everyone being unique; consequently, they participate in life threatening problematic solutions to achieve their desired body.
Eating disorders are abnormal eating habits because of the preoccupation with food and weight management (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2005). People with eating disorders have compulsions with the need to be ultra thin involving excessive or insufficient food intakes that become detrimental to an individual's physical, social and emotional health.
Though eating disorders were rare until the early twentieth century, they certainly existed beforehand in the twelfth century. Eating disorders in the twelfth century have many similarities and differences of eating disorders today. Between the twelfth and thirteen centuries eating disorders originated from Catherine of Siena, who started a massive fast and cut her hair in order to make a statement. Through her lifestyle change she made a statement that Christ should be the center of one's life and cutting off her hair was a protest against “being overly encouraged to improve appearance in order to attract a husband” (Deans, 2011). Who knew fasting would evolve from a religious practice meant to stimulate a covenant relationship with the Lord, into a life threatening practice to lose weight. For instance, in the 1800s eating disorders began affecting Victorian women who were experiencing the new world. Although the new world consisted of new forms of communication and transportation to make life easier, it produced an unbearable anxiety called hysteria. Characterized by physical, emotional and mental symptoms, hysteria evolved into the overwhelming fear concerning one's body (“A Fear of Food” 2008). It was primarily associated with women and later developed into full blown eating disorders that affected everyone in the 1960s. Before the twentieth century, disordered eating was directly related to anxiety primarily affecting older upper class women. However, disordered eating in present times are correlated with the media, but is stimulated by other factors and affects children as young as eight years old. According to the National Association of Anorexia, an estimated “twenty-four million people of all ages and genders suffer from anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorders in the United States” (1991). Eating disorders have drastic life-threatening effects on not just the person that is suffering, but on every one the person suffering encounters.
The sole purpose of this research proposal is to enlighten individuals about the causes of eating disorders...

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