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We Must Increase The Minimum Wage

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My essay is about the minimum wage in America and how people every day suffer to get day by day with the minimum wage they get paid. Even if they have two minimum wage jobs they still can’t support their family. I also talk about why they should raise the minimum wage to at least ten dollars and I will compare the minimum wage between Michigan and other states. The history of minimum wage for 1938 to the 2013 and how it have changed dramatically throughout the years.
Many people with minimum wage jobs are usually on food stamps which helps them with some of the stress of getting paid minimum wage. But just the fact of getting paid 7.25 makes it hard for them to have a good life where they can buy new clothes and still have money left.
Minimum wage was actually for the under age kids but the company’s toke advantage of it and started to give everybody minimum wage. Many states have minimum wage but Michigan is one of the lowest, and the highest paying minimum wage state is California with the minimum wage of $10.55. McDonald’s is the number one paying minimum wage Company in America. The minimum wage was created in 1938 as part of the fair labor standards Act (FLSA) it was .25 cent back then, then it was raised to $7.25 by July 2009. When people think of minimum wage they only think about teenagers working summer jobs or just for pocket money but in reality everybody from every age is getting minimum wage no matter how many kids you have or how many bills you have. People struggle every day to pay their bills and to put food on the table because they don’t get paid enough. My friend works at McDonalds for 2 years and now he makes $8.00 he says ‘’ I barely get by the week and I usually still have to ask my parents for extra money for gas or stuff I need’’. Also he said the job isn’t worth the minimum wage he gets paid but he said the only reason he’s still with them is because there isn’t no job opening other than fast food restaurants. Many companies that pay minimum wage jobs will take advantage of you especially if you need the money.
McDonalds made a chart on how you should spend your money with the minimum wage that they pay you which I feel like it’s a joke because it shows that you have two minimum wage jobs and the stupidest part about it is that they say you should only spend $27 dollars a day which I nobody in their life had done that, because I’m pretty sure I have sent more in one day that’s only if you don’t want eat. Also they say $100 for car/home insurance like seriously what kind of insurance that would let you pay for both for just a hundred dollar a month. Also they said you should spend zero dollars on heating which I personally think that’s ridiculous because what are people supposed to do in the winter season.
Minimum wage has been around 1938 it made the poor get poorer and the rich get richer, it has never made anyone’s life better by getting paid less. I think the minimum wage pay should be higher because everything is...

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