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We Must Strive To Protect Privacy In Technology

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We Must Strive to Protect Privacy in Technology

Technology is getting more and more complex as the years come and go. The availability of personal information is easier to access and the risk of it being tampered with is also high. As the years pass, the threat of privacy invasion gets greater and greater and easier to happen. There are several ways that privacy is able to be invaded and there will only be more to come.

Americans have had their personal information given away without even knowing it. From dozens of public and private sources that have created consumer profiles, “the average American is profiled in up to 150 commercial databases” (Hinds 7). People are trying to “prohibit collection of personal information on the internet without consumer authorization” (Hinds 9). This is a very difficult thing to have happen, but it is a goal of several people who feel the same way.

The amount of technology that is able to raid privacy is growing. “Every day millions of ordinary people are subject to a variety of technologies that invade their privacy” (Regan 1). Even in the workplace, people are at danger. Employees are watched and observed without knowing that their employer is doing it so easily. “In countless offices, employers can monitor telephone calls, peruse email messages, and even retrieve supposedly ‘deleted’ files without an employee’s knowledge” (Brin 56). There is nothing the employees can do about this if they never know it is even happening.

New technology has been invading organizations as well. The workers of the organizations are also at a high risk. “Technology enhances the ability of organizations to monitor individuals” and what they do on the job (Regan 2). If they do something on the computer or...

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