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We Should Not Increase The Minimum Wage

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I could be easily replaced by someone tomorrow for less money.” What a sober statement, one you do not hear everyday. I heard this statement from a co-worker, he has been with the grocery store twenty plus years. His remark caused me to formulate many questions on the ethics of business. Like how the decisions businessmen make affect the average worker's ability to support themselves. How do we make a living? Through working,but is that work enjoyable for us? Many of us have thought about what our purpose is in working. Should it be mainly focused on providing the basic necessities for our families? Or should we trade off enjoying our job to bet better able to support our family? We all want to provide our families a decent standard of living. What is our second goal? Our second goal is likely the desire, and ability to enjoy our job. The reason we should care about this is we are spending forty hours a week at our workplace. I am to researching this topic to see if the minimum waged should be raised. The current minimum wage for the United States of America is seven dollars and twenty-five cents an hour. Is this enough to support a family? Through the research that I have done the past few weeks I will look more in depth on the subject of the minimum wage. I desire to look at the benefits, as well as the consequences of raising the minimum wage. My goal is to formulate an answer, and help those who are earning the minimum wage, and may be struggling to support their family. We all deserve to have the feeling we are able to accomplish the task of supporting our family. This may be the most important topic that is not talked about enough.
As cited from “Waging War Over Worker Pay” by Morella Michael Fast food workers were on strike over their current average pay of eight dollars and seventy five cents an hour. They fought to be able to have the ability to unionize, as well as receive a wage increase. Which would raise it six dollars and twenty five cents. Which amounts to fifteen dollars an hour, which would equate for a full time worker to thirty one thousand dollars a year. A proponent of the minimum wage increase is Thomas Perez, who said “Workers are feeling like they have nothing left to lose” He works as an analyst for the National Employment Law Project, which aims at helping the working class of people. It ends by talking about Obama and his goal of raising the minimum wage to nine dollars an hour, as well as have it follow the consumer index so it would raise periodically Conversely in Arthur Brooks article he stipulates that President Obama neglects the poor. He reasons this by formulating research which he gives that says our current President only talks about the poor class on fourth of the time, while others such as former President Ronald Reagan talked about the poor in his speeches two thirds of the time. Looking at both these articles gives the notion that our President has agreed with raising the minimum wage....

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