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We Should Not Fear Cloning Essay

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We Should Not Fear Cloning

With the successful cloning of animals, many people have reacted with frightening and usually uninformed ideas about what cloning is and what researchers hope to achieve through it. Many wish to ban all cloning without even looking at the positive things that cloning will be able to provide for us in the future and with continued research. Like any new technology, people are at first afraid, but this is no excuse to abandon research that could one day save millions of people through cloned organs or give an alternative and safe means of reproduction to sterile couples. This fear has only been furthered by the media sensationalizing the advancement and tossing "Brave New World" into every headline. The uninformed also look to popular culture instead of facts to argue against cloning. Jurassic Park, Frankenstein and The Island of Doctor Moreau have shown to the majority of American the dark, evil side of cloning, which is not the aim of scientists and at present not technologically possible. It is obvious that we must act now and set guidelines, both ethical and legislative, but we should not ban cloning completely without further research.

The picture of an amazingly rich person cloning the perfect army of soldiers or breeding a nation of subservient clones has been fed to the people through newspapers and the nightly news. What most people do not realize is that clones are not grown in a petri dish. Clones still have to be protected in a womb for nine months and be born, just like any other person. It would be far easier for an ultra rich man to produce an army or a group of slaves "the old fashion way." As a society and as humans, we should worry about the slavery and despotism that already exists in our world before we abandon valuable research.

Even with the advent of cloning, sexual reproduction will never go out of style; in animals or humans. Cloning does indeed reduce the diversity of a herd of animals or a group of men, but there is no scientist that is suggesting that we find the "perfect" cow and clone him a million times over. This would allow the possibility of one disease killing an entire population, which is exactly why scientists wish to clone certain animals to augment the current gene pool. People are much the same. Science does not wish to clone the perfect person and effectively put all of our eggs in one basket. The goal is to aide humankind, not replace it with a "better model."

Society also has a fear that one day we may see clones as only pieces of meat that happen to have genetically identical organs than us. We fear that the clones of the future will be nothing but organ banks and mindless slaves. The answer to this fear is not outlawing any kind of cloning research, it is to educate ourselves in the ethics of cloning and simply not allow such behavior, either through social pressures or government regulation. If we pass legislation which completely bans cloning, the...

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