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We Should Not Judge Students By Test Results

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We Should NOT Judge Students by Test Results

Are people who get good grades and/or who get high scores on tests more intelligent than those who do not? Can we just distinguish people who get good grades and/or high scores on tests are more intelligent than those who do not get good grades? I firmly believe that it is not fair to judge people who get good grades are more intelligent than those who do not. Test scores are not a fair judgment to distinguish one’s intelligence. Test scores can not show the actual intelligence of an individual.

We should consider the following factors that can affect an individual’s performance on tests. First of all, physical condition of the test participant. For example, if the participant is sick on the test day, we will not expect he/she will perform well on the test. Secondly, the mental condition of the individual and the person’s emotional condition can affect the test results as well. Consider the test participant just broke up with his girlfriend or her boyfriend. He or she will not be able to concentrate on the test, so he or she will result in receiving bad grades. Another example is somebody died in family. The test person is not possible to do his/her best during the test. The emotion of the person is the factor that will affect the performance on tests the most. Environment is another factor that will affect the performance of the test participant. There maybe some disturbing noise or the test venue is too hot/cold for him/her while he/she is taking the test. These environmental factors can directly affect one’s performance on test.

For academic tests, people who are intelligent (in real situation) may not study for the test, so the result are worse than the people who may spend three to five days to study for that particular test. People who spend more effort/time and study hard are more likely to get a better result, but it does not reflect he/she is more intelligent than who did not score high.

Everyone is intelligent in some areas but may not be found or discovered yet. A classic example would be the...

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