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We Must Prevent Climate Change Essay

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Climate change, never has such an impending natural disaster been so heavily ignored. While this problem of Greenhouse Gasses holds more long-term implications than any other problem found today, little to nothing has been done to address this problem. Through the last century, industrialization has revolutionized the world, in all aspects of life from comfort to industry. While this has obviously had its benefits, it has also created a world that is almost entirely dependent on carbon dioxide producing technology. This has caused the single biggest problem when it comes to curbing this issue known as climate change. That problem is the simple fact that in order for the people to make a positive unified change in the C02 levels they produce, they’re going to have to make sacrifices. These sacrifices range from giving up or reducing their use of various CO2 producing technologies, to paying new taxes such as carbon taxes. The causes for Climate Change and the lack of action to curb it are, of course, complex, but there are at least three significant factors: High prices required to produce and implement low-carbon technology; lack of political and corporate support; and an extensive public reliance on technology (Weeks). More than this, the public, along with the government, have been unwilling to sacrifice either money or effort, which has only served to exponentially increase the problem at hand.
First and foremost, in order to make any difference in the amount of C02 in the environment, low/no-carbon technology must be developed and implemented. This can’t be done without money however, and that is something greatly lacking for this cause. Both the government and the people have to support the fight against greenhouse gasses, through propaganda and investment of their own money. While propaganda is a very effective way of generating money for the issue, the high prices in generating and implementing this new technology is still very high. It is estimated that approximately 800 million dollars a year is required to stabilize global warming below to 2 degrees Celsius (Koch). This is an absurd amount of money, and even just trying to imagine generating this much money is enough to discourage people from even trying. Certain methods such as carbon trading have been used to attempt to resolve the issue without money, but at some point money needs to be generated to combat these high prices. One way of doing this that has been talked about increasingly, but still not yet implemented, is the carbon tax. This raises the price of fuel based on carbon content, which serves to not only discourage people from buying the more expensive oil, but it also gets valuable money into the government that can be used in the development and implementation of these new technologies. While in essence this sounds like a good idea in, the problem yet again comes from the people and their lack of desire to sacrifice something as small and important as a carbon tax.

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