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We Must Reduce School Violence Essay

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The focus of American schools these days have so changed from the “basics” of teaching children to read, write and do arithmetic. Instead of just being an academic institution that is entrusted with teaching our children skills that would enable then to be intelligent contributing members of society, the schools are now looked at as “extensions of the community”. Therefore, according to John Dewey, “ schools should share social burdens and be responsible for equipping children with skills necessary to survive and succeed in the community.” Schools have indeed had to modify their roles from teaching content academics to helping all students adjust to changing “radical situations” such as juvenile violence.

Over the years our American culture has become more violent. Our children now substitute playing outside, neighborhood friendships and non-media activities with time watching and listening to music, videos and television oozing with violence. No matter what families try to do the message of violent or aggressive behavior is everywhere. Thus, in some way, shape or form I believe the schools should adjust and address the new demands our society has put on children.

There are many factors that contribute to aggressive behavior in children.

1.     Excessive viewing of violence on television
2.     Repeated examples of bullying behavior
3.     Evidence of poor parenting such as abuse, neglect or lack of nurturing
4.     History of harsh or erratic discipline at home
5.     Inability to develop friendships in school

I do agree that schools need to focus on teaching children to cope in today’s life as well as preparing them for the future. I don’t believe that it is the sole responsibility of the schools to provide intervention and strategies for preventing violence in adolescents. However, since six to seven hours of every child’s life between the ages of five and eighteen are spent at school, schools must provide for and maintain...

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