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We Must Reduce Unemployment Essay

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There are many important issues troubling the nation that need to be addressed in order for the nation to continue to thrive and be successful. The economy has taken a tremendous downfall over the past seven years and for many Americans things are simply not how they used to be. Perhaps among the most troubling issues remains the increasingly high unemployment rate that has escalated over the past seven years. Despite the various efforts to remedy the situation, the problem of unemployment has not been alleviated. It is important to analyze the underlying causes and root of the problem which is unemployment in under to assess its consequence and implement and effective solution to the problem.
Unemployment Defined
To understand clearly the problem that is unemployment, it is important to first define the term unemployment and how exactly it is measured which all requires substantial information. According to the United States Department of Labor people that are unemployed are jobless, looking for jobs, and available for work. In order to assess unemployment the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor surveys roughly 60,000 households that participate in the monthly sample survey, and intern announces current number of unemployed persons in the United States for the previous month along with their distinguishing characteristics (" labor force," 2009). The media does an excellent job of relaying these figures and reports to the general population. However as a result of these reports panic increases when high unemployment rates are announced and the economy begins to suffer a downward spiral. That is why it is important to pinpoint the causes of unemployment in order to alleviate the problem that affects all members of society.
Causes of Unemployment
The fact is that although many individuals in society blame unemployment on a dwindling economy. The root and causes of unemployment are much deeper and varied. This type of unemployment occurs even in the healthiest of economies. Stone & McCraw present various theories as to the causes of unemployment, such poor or lack of education, bad leadership, political instability, laziness, increase in population, advancements in technology, outsourcing, or the economy slowing down (Stone & McCraw, 2007). It is clear that one these underlying issues are addressed more viable solution to the problem as well adequate measures can be taken to minimize or eliminate the problem of unemployment.
One of the underlying causes of unemployment is the population increasing at a rapid rate. When the population rapidly increases there are not enough jobs to go around. Furthermore, the jobs that are available make it extremely competitive for anyone attempting to get hired. Business savvy companies and businesses opt to hire the individual that will best fit the position for the lowest wage possible. Businesses are concerned with gaining profit and as a result of this many employees remain...

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