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We Must Report Child Abuse And Neglect

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Each of us has the moral obligation to report suspected cases of child abuse. National statistics indicate that five children die daily as a result of child abuse (Childhelp, 2015). Reporting suspected child abuse can prevent the abused child from continuing the horrific cycle of abuse toward their own children (Smith & Segal, 2015). There are four forms of child abuse: physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and emotional abuse (Smith & Segal, 2015).

Christine “Chris” Witty, a gold medal winning speed skater, molested by a family friend at the age of four, “it’s important to talk about it. You raise awareness. But you can also prevent it (child abuse) by not letting it be a secret” (Newberry, 2008, para. 3). Researchers have shown that child abuse may be caused by a complex combination of personal, social, and cultural factors (Family Resource Center, 2015). Measures should be taken to protect children because they are the future. Child abuse is a serious problem that no one wants to admit it exists or do not know how to stop it, if they are aware it exists. Although people are afraid to get involved, suspected cases of child abuse need to be reported immediately because reporting child abuse can save a life.

Physical abuse and sexual molestation are the most common forms of child maltreatment (Pillado, Kim, & Dierkhising, 2010). Physical abuse is non-accidental trauma or physical injury caused by punching, beating, kicking, burning, or otherwise harming a child (Smith & Segal, 2015). Physical abuse is the most visible form of child maltreatment and there are several warning signs (Smith & Segal, 2015). The most common warning sign of physical abuse is continual injuries or unknown bruises, contusions, or lacerations (Smith & Segal, 2015). The child is always on the lookout and attentive expecting something awful to occur (Smith & Segal, 2015). The bruises on the child show an imprint of a hand or belt (Smith & Segal, 2015). The child avoids a touch, winces at abrupt motion, or gives the impression of being nervous about going home (Smith & Segal, 2015). The child dresses inappropriately to hide injuries, such as wearing a coat or long sleeves on hot days (Smith & Segal, 2015). Physical abuse is not the only type of abuse; it could also be sexual abuse.

Sexual abuse is involving a child in sexual activities or exposing a child to sexual situations (National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, 2010). Aside from the physical injuries that sexual abuse brings about, the emotional constituent is strong and widespread. The most common warning sign of sexual abuse is the child misbehaves improperly with toys and objects in a sexual way (Smith & Segal, 2015). The child has complications sitting or walking. The child shows a fascination with sexual acts or seductive behavior (Smith & Segal, 2015). The child is hesitant about changing clothes in front of others (Smith & Segal, 2015). The child has tested positive...

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