We Must Stop Animal Research And Animal Testing

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What if I told you that more than 100 million animals are killed each year due to animal testing? What if I told you that these animals are burned, crippled, abused and poisoned on a regular basis? What if I told you that in order to obtain your favorite shampoo, hand sanitizer, lotion, etc. that innocent animals must be tortured? Throughout history animal research and experimentation has played a key role in scientific benefit and discovery. Even I cannot deny the numerous medical breakthroughs that have been founded using animals as test subjects; however, this does not excuse the physical and emotional persecution these poor animals must endure. Animal testing should be illegal. The use of animals in testing facilities is not only unethical, it is unreliable and unnecessary. Thanks to advanced technology there are new alternatives to animal testing rendering the practice nearly superfluous.
As consumers we have a tendency to disregard things we do not necessarily want to know. For example, despite popular belief rats and mice are not the only animals used in testing facilities. Dog, cats, primates, and rabbits are routinely victimized in animal testing facilities as well and while acceptance of animal testing is decreasing it is still prevalent in society today. It seems as though consumers, and even previously myself, are content to ignore the horrifying facts about animal testing. I am here to enlighten you on why animal testing should be illegal and what can be done instead to ensure that the products we use are still safe.
Think about your favorite shampoo. Your preferred brand that makes your hair silky smooth and smell amazing. What about the amazing perfume/cologne that you love to wear every day. How would you feel if I told you that your shampoo or cologne possibly could have put an innocent rabbit through the worst pain of their life? Draize eye irritancy tests and skin irritation tests are performed on rabbits on a fairly regular basis. For Draize testing rabbits are restrained and their eyes clipped open so scientists can insert chemicals, such as shampoo, into the eyes and evaluate the response. Oftentimes these chemicals are left there for days and these rabbits suffer with no relief. For skin irritancy tests the animals are detained and chemicals, like perfume/cologne, are placed on a patch of shaved skin (“Blinded”). These tests may sound harmless, but in reality they cause great damage to the participants. Common side effects of such experiments include but are not limited to, redness, bleeding, ulcers, burning and blindness. These animals are in constant pain to test products not intended for their use.
As horrifying as that mental picture may have been, I realize that there can be no solution without an alternative and luckily there are. EpiDerm testing uses reconstructed human epidermal to test how chemicals will react to actual human skin. According to mattek.com, “This procedure [EpiDerm] can be used...

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