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We Must Stop Global Warming Now

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Now a days the main problem that our world is facing, is the global warming, but what is global

warming? According to “Global warming refers to an unequivocal and continuing rise in

the average temperature of Earth's climate system”. That only means the change in temperature or should

I say the sudden change in temperature is caused by the global warming. And according to oxford

dictionary “A gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere generally attributed to

the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other

pollutants”.From year 1971, 90% of warming is happening at the oceans. (

Condition of Earth

According to scientist humans influenced a lot in global warming. Based on 2005 statistics or survey

about the yearly world greenhouse gas emission, there is 14.3% due to transportation, a 3.2% from waste,

13.8% in agriculture, 12.2% in land use change, 4.3% in industrial processes, 4.0 for fugitive emissions,

14.7% in different kinds of industry, 8.6% in other fuel combustion, and 24.9% in electricity and


Based on this research we can all see how much people contribute to the current global warming. Every

day we destroy our earth without doing something that can improve or grow it. Imagine a bolo that was

used continuously without sharpening it, it will become dull and rusty, and that is exactly what we are

doing in our earth.


Right now we experience several types of calamities, such as typhoons, earthquakes, tidal tsunami, acid

rain and many more, we may can consider it as the wrath of nature. These calamities are the result of

polluted air that can damage the ozone layer, polluted water that causes lot of loss of species on water ,

and also decreasing the area of habitat of all fishes and shells in the sea and oceans.

Destroying of ocean floor including the coral reefs, forest can cause a lot of species loss, the

animals living in forest will go to the city and may destroy buildings and kill people. So we are really

the reason of our problem. (


The Danger in Human Nature

Improper Waste Disposal

If the waste is not properly disposed it can harm every single living thing. Printers, televisions,

mobile phones and other that is considered an E-waste or the thrown out electronic equipment are harmful

to our environment if it is not properly disposed. The properly recycling or disposal of E-waste is very

useful because it is an act of reducing the waste on earth. (

According to scientist the burning of E-waste can produce dangerous gases that can damage the

“Epithelial Cells” of human lungs that may lead to cancer. Based on reports twenty to fifty million E-

wastes was produced...

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