We Must Stop Air Pollution Now

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There are about seven billion people in the world. Most of these people own cars and live in large cities. Beijing, China, is known for having the most polluted air in the world. China has about 400,000 factories working everyday creating air pollution. Pollution is becoming a big problem in the world. Pollution affects everything from the plants we grow to the ozone layer of the earth. Some of the air pollution is so bad in places around the world that breathing the air is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. Not only is the pollution hurting people it is also hurting the earth and the soil that we plant our crops in. Air pollution is a problem that needs a solution that is efficient and cost effective so the world can be a better place in the future.
Air pollution is affecting many people around the world. The air pollution is hurting our ozone layer allowing the sun’s harmful rays to penetrate more than in the past. Some people believe that this is causing the ice caps in Antarctica to melt, making it hard for the polar bears to live because they need land to live on. Some people also believe that if the ice caps melt all the way, it can raise the sea level up higher making less land for people to live on. Predictions have been made that if the ice caps are destroyed, there will not be enough land for all seven billion people to live on because we still need to grow crops to eat and raise cattle.
Large cities are making more air pollution than in the past. Some people cannot make a living to support their families in the suburbs so they are forced to move to the big cities. Cities are growing all over the world. One city that sticks out the most is Dubai; it has grown greatly over the past fifteen to twenty years. William E. Rees contends that “Cities have been part of the human cultural landscape for thousands of years, but only in recent decades has it became possible for the majority of people to live in the cities”(618-622). He contests that more people are moving into the city which results in an increase in air pollution. Jared Diamond wrote: “More than half of the world’s original area of the forest has already been converted to other uses…” (632-644). He states that the forests are decreasing every day as we expand our cities and large factories. This trend needs to be reduced and thought about more clearly before we go and knock down more trees.
Many things can cause air pollution. One cause is emissions from industries and manufacturing activities. Many manufacturing companies, if not all of them, have tall smoke stacks that release harmful chemicals into the air as a result of manufacturing their products. Another leading cause of pollution is burning fossil fuels, which also releases harmful chemicals in the air. Many of these chemicals being released into the air can cause acid rain. Acid rain is rain that has absorbed these chemicals that turns to acidic as it is drops back down to earth. This type of...

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