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We Must Work To Stop Plagiarism Now

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Plagiarism is the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and using them as one’s own. It seems simple and not hard to comprehend, but some students do not realize when they plagiarize. The problem may come from being uneducated about the topic or not thinking the teacher will catch it. For instance, students do not know that copying from Wikipedia, which may contain no author, is plagiarizing if the work is not cited. With the use of technology and easy access to answers or completed essays, original work sounds too complicated for students who would rather spend their time doing more enjoyable things such as going to basketball or football games and parties. However, with new software to catch copied work, several students have been caught. Still, plagiarism needs to be prevented and solutions need to be created. Furthermore, solutions to stop plagiarism include educating students at a young age, learning and understanding the consequences, and focusing on originality rather than plagiarism and the negativity.
If a student in college does not understand plagiarism, it is not fair for them to get expelled for unknowingly cheating. Several instances have occurred where students did not cite sources because they were not aware it was necessary:
At Rhode Island College, a freshman copied and pasted from a Web site’s frequently asked questions page about homelessness — and did not think he needed to credit a source in his assignment because the page did not include author information (Gabriel 1).
Yes, this is the student’s fault for not citing the source, but he cannot be fully blamed because at a younger age he was not properly taught about plagiarism. Unfortunately for the student, the teacher probably did not buy his excuse and he received a zero. However, if the student would have been taught about plagiarism before college this problem will have been prevented. This is what needs to change in all education systems around the country. Throughout high school I have had to write several essays and if I would have been unsure about the meaning of plagiarism I may have received zeros. I believe students should be taught about plagiarism before they enter high school. Lessons could vary on how to teach the topic such as writing an essay about plagiarism or going over a PowerPoint and taking notes. In addition, writing an essay about plagiarism may be the best idea because the student will go more in detail about all aspects of plagiarism. This will help stop high school and college students using the excuse of not understanding plagiarism.
Consequences for plagiarism exist in and out of school. In college one offence can cause a suspension, but multiple offences could result in the student getting kicked out of the college. Copying someone else’s words or ideas is not worth getting expelled from college. Moreover, according to the article, “6 Consequences of Plagiarism,” plagiarism in a profession could cause the loss of the job and...

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