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     What is it? Well affirmative action is, in plain text, the consideration of your class, race, gender, color, ethnicity, national origin, and disability when deciding who gets a certain job or admission into a school. If you are amenity applying for a job and there are other people that are applying as well then you will be considered for the job over one of the other people, even if they have more experience. It is not only for jobs, it is also used in any situation that there is a minority or different person, racially or ethnicity, because the particular business or corporation needs to have some minorities working in that business or in that school. They do this because of a government law or because they wish to add some diversity into their corporation or school in order to give some balance to have a more diverse setting. This strategy does not just work for minorities but also for women who apply to jobs where there are none or where the majority of the employees are white male. Since the US has won the war of discrimination against woman, now more and more places want women to work there in order to do a few things. To add women to the workforce, or to hire women, is to not give a business an image of discriminating against woman for not having any female employees (no author, see work cited #1).
Affirmative action was created to fight the war on discrimination. There are many examples where people of all different color, race, cultural background, ethnicity, or religion have been hired or offered an education where they were previously declined.
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 made discrimination illegal and established equal employment opportunity for all Americans regardless of race, cultural background, color or religion. Subsequent executive orders, in particular Executive Order 11246 issued by President Johnson in September 1965, mandated affirmative action goals for all federally funded programs and moved monitoring and enforcement of affirmative action programs out of the White House and into the Labor Department (Kivel, 2).
The California Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI) asked the question: Why should the people of California constitutionally prohibit themselves from ever again taking gender, race, national origin, ethnicity, or color into account in the operation of public employment, education or contracting? I think that even though affirmative action is a good idea, I can not disagree with the CCRI because even though we should not have to go that far to have to bring those kinds of things into the situation. All businesses, schools, etc., should have people of different colors, races, and ethnicity because it gives people a sense of belonging and allows people to make new friends of different origins and to learn from them. I feel that if we ignore the fact that we need people of different race, color, etc., in schools, jobs, etc., and continue to do it “the old way.” Then...

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