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In 2001, a 54-year-old man lay in the hospital waiting to die. After he had a massive heart attack in 1993, his life was not the same. He was forced to quit his job as a nurse to relieve some of the stress on his heart. Over the years, his condition continued to worsen. Chuck Reynolds went into the hospital in April of 2001 for an evaluation, and on June first the cardiologist told him he was not stable enough to go home. Reynolds was put on a waiting list for a heart transplant. He spent the next three months of his life in a hospital bed attached to machines while the hospital staff struggled to keep his heart beating long enough to receive the transplant. On September 13, 2001, Chuck ...view middle of the document...

Animal research is used to predict how humans may react to medications, cosmetics, chemicals, and other products (Watson 7). For example, animals are used to calculate how much of a drug is absorbed into the blood stream. These experiments help researchers determine the dosage of the medication. It is also used to see how the medication will breakdown once it enters the body. Using the animals allows doctors to know when to give the patient a certain medication and how long it should take for the patient to respond to the medication (About FDA).
Animal testing is also used for educational purposes. Many students dissect animals in a science class throughout their years in school. The animals are used so that the students can learn how the body functions. By dissection, the students learn what the organs look like and how the different organs work together in a system. This type of hands on learning is beneficial to the students who do not understand the material by reading and studying. Students majoring in science usually have labs where they observe animals that are still alive to see how the systems in the body operate. The students can apply what they learned on the animals and use that later in their careers. For instance, nurses use the skills they learned using animals to treat their patients (Watson 9)
Most of the test animals are bred for research (Watson 23). There are three main types of tests. There is acute testing which is short term and is designed to see the effects of different chemicals have if it comes in contact with a person's skin. Subchronic tests last about three months. These tests are used to see the longer-term effects of a medication or chemical (Watson 21). Chronic testing is used to determine if the chemical or medication will cause cancer or birth defects. Chronic testing is conducted over a long period of time (Watson 22).
The first record of animal testing was in 450 BCE. A Greek philosopher named Alcmaeon of Croton cut open a dog’s eye. This test helped doctors understand how people went blind. Between 129 and 150 CE a Roman physician, Claudius Galen, learned about nerves and muscles by dissecting farm animals. Decade’s later medical breakthroughs were made from using animals. Now animals are used for creating new vaccines and making other medical advances to improve human’s lives (Watson 11).
On August 24, 1966 the Supreme Court put the Animal Welfare Act into place. The Animal Welfare Act was the first federal law to protect animals. The law sets the minimum care that can be given to an animal. The Animal welfare act protects warm-blooded animals excluding birds, rats, and mice. Laboratories have to comply with the law while testing animals. This law put a limit on which animals could be tested and improved the living conditions for the animals that are used for testing (Animal Welfare Act). Scientists follow the laws to protect the animals from suffering during the experiments (Watson 39). Most...

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