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According to Catharine M. Young, “ Forty-Three percent of teens have been victims of cyber bullying in the past year” (Young). This statistic not only defines how frightening the worlds path has become, but also the legacy of it. With this though, there are still countless non-bullying movements, in which all influence the change in the way cyber bullying is handled. Even though cyber bullying laws threatens freedom of speech, there should be laws put into effect. Cyber bullying is a major leading cause of suicide, negatively affecting highly known celebrities in the media that are seen everyday, and laws can enforce the teaching of appropriate and morally sound behavior.
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During his 8th grade year, Ryan started to begin to also experience cyber bullying. The main source of it was coming through IM chat rooms. The expense of this sadly resulted in Ryan actually taking his own life (Halligan). Catharine M. Young speaks on how, “ Bully victims are on average 5 times more likely to consider suicide than non-bully victims” (Young). Stories like this are becoming far more common in todays world, and the effect of bullying online and offline are far more serious than what was ever expected in our society. Another victim of cyber bullying that somberly led to an act of suicide is Megan Meier. Megan, who was already dealing with a low-self esteem issue, and also taking medications to cope with her depression and other psychological needs, found herself being ridiculed on a popular website know as Myspace. While she was browsing through the web page, an account by the name Josh Evans added her. As time progressed, he started harassing her and spreading degrading rumours about her to everyone on the website. On October 16, 2006, Megan hung herself in her bedroom closet. Six weeks after Megan's Death, it was later found out that Josh was actually a fake account that had been run and operated by a neighbor from down the street.(ABC News). The new wave of cruel anonymity is not only giving bullies the ability to voice faceless opinions, but it is negatively misleading teens and people across the globe to self harm mentally and physically.
Peers and students of a personal level and community are not the only ones that cyber bullying is effecting, it also is impacting celebrities on a mass scale. Charlotte Dawson, the host of Australia’s Next Top Model, admitted to being negatively influenced by crude and degrading comments over the internet. Dawson, who not only struggled dealing with these comments, also dealt with a chronic case of depression. In October of 2012, Charlotte was hospitalized for attempting suicide. Alas, despite being released from there, she was also found dead in her apartment late February of 2014 (TVNZ). Stories like Dawson’s are becoming more and more common in celebrities that are on the world stage on display. Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, spoke openly on the world renowned show Oprah, saying how kids from her own school cyber bully her on a daily basis (Lee). Paris, who also battles with depression, was admitted to Diamond Ranch Academy after an alleged suicide attempt June 5 (Martin). Celebrities are being attacked on all forms of cyber space through the use of Twitter, Facebook, and many other social networking sites. The epidemic of shameful and inglorious behavior towards young and aspiring artists is becoming out of hand. There is no way in trusting what is said to be fact or fiction on popular social networks, especially concerning those who live in the spot life for a living. Take Justin Bieber for example. A world renown, famous pop star, with millions of fans, and a paycheck to...

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