We Need Gun Control Essay

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We Need Gun Control

Baton Rouge, Lousiana--October 17, 1992--8:30 P.M....A Japanese exchange student, Yoshihiro Hattori, was searching for a party he had been invited to. Thinking he had found the house in which the social would take place, Yoshihiro knocked on the door. Not knowing that they had the wrong house Yoshihiro and his companion startled the proprietor. After having the front door shut in their face the two boys began walking back to Yoshihiro's car. Yoshihiro Hattori and his friend, Webb Haymaker, then turned back towards the house upon hearing the carport door open behind them. Instead of seeing the party's host, these two boys were greeted by a " 'Freeze' " and a .44 Magnum-carrying Rodney Peairs. Yoshihiro, thinking he had found the party after all, stepped towards Mr. Peairs and said, " 'We're here for the party' ". Webb Haymaker then found himself standing over his dying friend, Yoshihiro Hattore, a victim of unintentional homicide. (Haymaker 26)

Tragic incidents like this one seem to be becoming more and more common in modern America. The availability of a firearm was the direct cause of Yoshihiro's death. Likewise the availabilty of firearms in general is related to accidental, as well as intentional, homicide. The United States Congress should therefore limit or illegalize the sale, use and carrying of handguns and assualt weapons.

The reasoning behind this statement is that I do not believe that these aformentioned weapons have a legitimate place in American society. Nor do I believe that the typical American is responsible enough to own one of these particular firearms. Conversely though, many Republicans view assault weapon and handgun restrictions as an infringement upon an American's right to bear arms. (Ifill 19)

These particular firearms that I believe should be restricted by Congress are those that are designed to kill people (hence the term assault weapons). Assault weapons are characterized by the ability to fire large numbers of bullets in a very short amount of time. These soldier-type weapons are made for armies and police forces, not hunters. " 'I've got several guns, but I don't see any reason why armor-piercing bullets and concealed weapons should be sold legally in this country. They are only used to kill human beings,' " - Former President Jimmy Carter (Graves 3) Hunters, usually needing only one shot for their intended kill, have no need of any such weapon.

" 'When its time to hunt birds, you need a good gun like this Ruger Red Label (a firearm designed for hunting). Twenty-five years ago, in the war in Vietnam, people hunted me. They needed a good weapon-like this AK-47. But you don't need one of these to hunt birds.' " - Senator Bob Kerry (Toner 26)

Sighting the Second Amendment conservative Americans and the Republican party in general do not believe that a federally imposed restriction on firearms would be good for the American public. "The (Republican) White House, which...

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