We Need More Skateparks! Essay

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We need more skateparks!
All moderately sized towns should have a skatepark for three main reasons: it will make the town look like a nice place to live, the kids in the town won’t be getting into trouble for skating around town, and it is a lot safer than skating in the streets. In countless cities around the world, well-built skateparks have also been proven to be valuable community assets with tremendous benefits. Instead of viewing skateboarding as a negative problem that needs to be solved, these forward-thinking communities have found ways to embrace these sports while showcasing their artistic and acrobatic spirit(“The Benefits”).
Skateparks Make Towns Look Like a Nice Place to Live
If a town has a skatepark that is built in the right spot and is also built correctly it could improve the looks of the town. Improving the looks of the town will attract people and skaters from everywhere. In order for this to happen the park has to be designed and built professionally. A few rails and ramps that are placed on the outskirts of the town are not going to improve the looks of anything. But, if a nice park is built in a busy, populated area where there are lots of people it will looks great.Not only do skateparks look good, but if it designed and constructed correctly, they are fiscally conservative and require little maintenance(Whitly). After they are built they practically last forever.
A skatepark is a good thing for the town, but it benefits skateboarders and kids the most. If there are skateboarders in a town, which there most likely is, they need a place to skate. Look around in any town, there is a basketball court for the basketball players, there is a tennis court for tennis players, and there is a baseball field for baseball players, but there are hardly any skateparks. Skateboarding has been a commonplace feature of the urban environment for over forty years, and a part of American culture since the 1950’s. It is so popular today that almost every city in the U.S has its own group of skateboarding kids. Local skateboarders are not part of a fringe group of kids that are into something unique and uncommon(Whitly). It is a widely known and popular sport.
No More Trouble in the Streets
Skateboarders everywhere are always getting into trouble for skating their favorite spots in town. Getting into trouble is not only annoying for skateboarders, but is even more annoying for the staff and business owners. As a skateboarder I know how furious people get when they see skateboarders on their property. They run outside yelling and shouting, but they wouldn’t have to yell and shout if there was a skatepark in town. But, if a town doesn’t have a skatepark, it is a skatepark. Skateboarding is happening with or without a skatepark. By not supporting our local youth with a skatepark,...

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