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We Need New Ways Of Security To Attack Terrorism

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Unfortunately, in America today, we are confronted with a major issue, insecurity of transportation caused by terrorism. Terrorism today has killed millions of Americans and we are forced to act on these actions. We can’t sit and watch as we are attacked, and people are killed in our own country. We must develop new methods that provide better safety for all passengers. It is very clear that the precautions we are taking now are inefficient and unaffordable. That is why I believe racial profiling is a harsh but, necessary part in keeping America safe. Despite the hostility of racial profiling it is constitutional, it saves money, and most importantly it has worked.
In America, the constitution is the final law of the land. The constitution is not always as clear as everyone likes to believe and there is a lot of uncertainty in constitution as new issues arise. Thomas Jefferson once said, ““The dead should not rule the living”; he understood that new problems would arise as America aged. One of the biggest problems that has arisen has in the twenty first century has been terrorism. To counter act this terrorism we had to do something. One thing we began doing is racial profiling. It sound like a terrible thing to do but, we have actually been using this technique before terrorism threatened the country. If you listen to the news you always hear them identify a suspect as 5’10 African American male or 6’0 Caucasian male. Wouldn’t that be considered racial profiling? Yes, but we do not arrest every African American because that what the suspect looks like. The police look for evidence to confirm the suspect. Same can be said for at the airport. They look for Muslim, because that’s who the suspects are. Just because you are search does not mean you are arrested unless you have something illegal to hide. If you have nothing to hide I think you can take a few minutes out of your day to save the rest of your life. Under the constitution they have created the Equal Protection Clause which states,” the government shall not deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of it laws.”(Public Discourse) By using racial profiling, don’t we equally protect all Americans from all threats? By targeting these races and cultures it makes our airliners safer for everyone including the people being searched. Some people argue that this is an act of racism and will terrorize Muslim or whoever is being targeted with bigotry and mistreatment. Unfortunately, all security system are run by humans so it can’t be perfect because many people have bias and abuse there positions of power, but this is true for all position of power, and can’t be controlled. With all plans there are some consequences but, there are measures that can be put into effect that control this mistreatment with care guidelines on how to treat those people who they have pulled aside.
Not only does it fall under, but it also could save a lot of money. Most people would agree that money...

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