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The Benefits Of Sustainable Development Essay

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Globalization is not a new word for most of us. It has been popular for several years. The biggest winner may be the developing countries. On the other hand, developed countries are also benefit from globalization that they attract a great many talented people work for them.

However, everything has two sides. Globalization brings about some negative influence to many countries. At this time, sustainable development of globalization comes to people’s minds. Human beings hope sustainable development would make globalization work well for all countries and all people, reduce the loss, and avoid the bad impact.

From this survey, we will know the definition of sustainable development and the reasons why we should support sustainable development.

What is sustainable development? In fact, sustainable development has several characteristics: balance natural system and manmade system; deal with the issue of immigration well; balance the richer and the poor; at last, oil and gas producers have future.

In the article, "Is Ethics the Missing Link? ," Yolanda Kakabadse argues that sustainable development is both natural systems and manmade systems are developed well, and human beings could benefit from them in lots of aspects for a long time. Kakabadse, a conservationist from Ecuador, also says that economic globalization on the one hand brings about advantages to most nations, but on the other hand, the benefits are imbalanced. At the same time, international trade and markets have destroyed the environment.

From Pew Global Attitudes Project, it gives us the characteristic of sustainable development in economic: deal with the issue of immigration well. In the article, “World Publics Welcome Global Trade – But Not Immigration,” it argues that the world encourages people from all over the world to build economic relationship but not immigration. The Pew Global Attitudes Project’s main examples are the costs and benefits of the globalization, fears of immigration and region and social issues. In the fears of immigration part, we know that people from both developed and developing countries are afraid to get hurt because of immigration.

To Brad Knickerbocker’s opinion, sustainable development balances the richer and the poor in the world. According to his article “If Poor Get Richer, Does World See Progress? ,” the gap between the rich and poor is growing because of globalization. For the poor, they even cannot drink safe water (44-46). It is necessary to make both poor and rich sure that most of people can enjoy the life, not only rich people.

Bob Williams, who is a Contributing Editor for PennEnergy. “Previously, worked as Director of Research for PennEnergy's Oil & Gas Journal Online Research Center and PennEnergy Online Research Center” ( In the article “WPC: Sustainable development fealty key to oil's future” from Oil & Gas Journal, he summaries that “industry’s main challenge is to provide global access to supplies of energy...

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