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Born in the little town of Lovell, Wyoming Kirk Marchent was brought up to be a small time horse-man a path in the direction of no where, but took on a life of adventure, bum dumb jobs, and a great rodeo career surprising everyone.He was born into Rodger and Patricia Marchents life in 1948. Kirk was placed into a life of hard times on a little ranch that had been passed through to family since the late 1800's. Kirk's siblings consisted of one older brother and two younger all hell raisers. Kirk as a child did mostly the same chores as any other ranch kid: irrigation, feed cows and horses morning and night, cleaning stalls, fixing fence, and any thing else to keep ends together with the ranch. Going into middle school Kirk found his calling for rodeo in the Little Britches competition doing saddle bronc, junior bulls, and bareback riding. Kirk attended Lovell High aslo competing in the rodeo there, but only in the saddle bronc. Kirk practiced week over week to get good at what he practiced. Him and his older brother, to practice ran the wild horses in their back yard around until they semi-tired down then one person would run through the middle of them jumping onto the back gripping all the mane they could grab just to stay on. Then when they were jerked around enough or figured they had rode long enough the rider would yell for help so the one watching would ride as a pick-up man and save them. Kirk had said that once he and his older brother had accidently done this stunt to one of the bigger studs. A big buckskin stud infact. Kirks brother flew through the herd found this big stout stud and swung up on. It wasn't within seconds he was yelling for help. Kirk tried to ride in but the stud kept chasing him off ears pinned. He said he finally had to rope the stud and just take off dalyed up giving his brother a chance to bail and run. When the two had gotten home both got whippin's one for being dumb and jumping on a stud and the other for losing their dad's good rope. Kirk said that he learned best with these wild mustangs until the government interfeared ending their ritual practices. Kirk said growing up the government messed up a lot of him and his brothers habits.Kirk's parent's ranch was all open green pastures till the...

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