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We Must Stop Climate Change Essay

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The affect of climate change has been evident in World with the changing pattern of monsoon, erratic rainfall followed by floods, increased number of disasters has huge implications, mainly on the marginalized communities and more so on women and children. This puts World in a dilemma of not being able to feed its own people with reduction in agricultural output, increased investment in social infrastructure viz water supply and irrigation. With the local communities already putting their effort, the state has its work cut out to design and implement effective adaption strategies to cope with the climate change to reduce the impact on economic and social development, one of the key priorities of the development plans.
Climate change, in not just a science that we need to learn, but has been an integral part of our lives, since our birth and will last further. The changing temperature around has been your alibi to persuade you about this fact. It holds high importance as it contributes to disasters and exacerbates its impacts. The news has approved it starting from the GLOF in humla, flood in various parts of World and the erratic rainfall in the past couple of years. These all events have been a proof about climate change if not just land use change impact, deforestation and desertification. Lack of our sensitivity towards the changing landscape and encroachment on the natural habitat has led to blame ourselves and our need to burn fossil fuel. The romanticism about fossil fuel needs to recede else will be held responsible for all our future problems if we do not act now to stop this nuisance.

Literature Review
The most general definition in Wikipedia, of climate change is “a change in the statistical properties of the climate system when considered over long periods of time, regardless of cause”. World needs no George Bush to negate the impact of climate change and its consequences. The current disasters of today viz. drought, forest fires, flooding, landslides etc could only be attributed and magnified by climate change.
World’s Climatic condition diversifies within a small spatial range, where the monsoon systems relative to the timing, volume and landscape are not well understood and the geospatial variation and precipitation dynamics is barely explained. Lack of data has handicapped the analyst further. Climate change is a process observed over a time span, it is the local people who identify climate variation more. Similarly the peasants working in their fields for quite some time would experience facts such as erratic rainfall some resulting in floods, receding surface and well waters, drying of springs, declining crop yields and livestock production, change in temperature levels, change in plantation timings etc. Floods, an annually increasing phenomenon have heavy tolls on settlements by taken lives, destroying physical assets, displacing people and inundating agricultural fields and depositing sediments leaving the farmers high and...

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