We Must Work To Overcome Procrastination

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Final exams are due tomorrow and you better get studying. You open your book and notes only to realize it might take all night to review those 13 chapters! Now you have no choice but to ignore Netflix, your DVR list, and bring out that extra caffeine! Didn’t you plan to study during the week? Oh wait… you did on Wednesday, but instead watched funny cat videos on YouTube. Well those cats were hilarious and at least you spent the day doing something you enjoyed. These arguments we have with ourselves when faced with tasks, is the psychological behavior response to our lack of self-control with our behaviors, our emotions, moods, and personalities. A lack of self-control that keeps us from achieving tasks with our full potential.
Procrastination by definition is the act or habit of putting off or delaying something. Procrastination is a problem that has been increasing amongst many. Many believe it is most common amongst college students but it is actually a problem that is experienced by different demographic groups including: stay at home wives, workers, and children. And while our excuses may justify ourselves for a brief moment, there is still hope for those of us in desperate need of a transformation.
Baldwin Wallace University reports on their website that 90 percent of college students procrastinate, of which 25 percent have chronic tendencies. Procrastination for some come into play when students are faced with difficulties trying to maintain all aspects of their life running smoothly. College recommendations like: “study two hours for every hour spent at school” can make maintaining both a social life and good grades difficult. But even when students are given enough time to complete homework and studies some, including myself, seem to easily forget the consequences experienced shortly after a term ends. Why is it that even after knowing the harmful consequences associated with procrastination, this high behavior percentage continues?
The Association for Psychological Science published in 2013 “There’s no single type of procrastinator, but several general impressions." A professor named Piers Steel from University of Calgary explain this in the following manner: “The act of dillydallying can be boiled down to three human traits: the person's confidence, values, and impulsiveness (how susceptible he or she is to immediate delight).” Sharing three ways of getting side-tracked. “One is the characteristic of people who simply have a hard time getting started on a project, or a classic procrastinator. Another deals with a person who gets started, but then gets bogged down in details, or a classic perfectionist. The last is the person who is distractible, i.e., the student who has the paper to do, but decides to go out when a friend calls.” While our personal characteristics drive our procrastinating habits, the behavior of others can also affect academic procrastination. In “The Self and Parental Attitudes as Predictors of Academic...

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