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We Owe It To The Plants

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“Earth is the planet of the plants” – David Biello
According to the Biology Online dictionary, photosynthesis is the synthesis of complex organic material using carbon dioxide, water, inorganic salts, and light energy from sunlight, captured by light-absorbing pigments, such as chlorophyll. This in other words, is the process through which plants use carbon dioxide and water to grow, produce their food, and release ex-cess of oxygen into the air.
"Plants versus Photovoltaics: Which Are Better to Capture Solar Energy?" is an article written by David Biello, and published in May 12, 2011. With this article, Biello’s purpose was to determine that the relative efficiency of photosynthesis and photovoltaics is not a simple problem. Biello's main purpose with this article is to open up a question to the reader of whether plants are better at capturing solar energy than photovoltaics or vise versa, and how each process contributes to nature. In this essay, 3 main points will be discussed - how each model convert energy, what can each model bring to nature, and how can photosynthesis be improved and still conserve real nature animals, like insects (no enhanced bugs or plants).
David Biello discusses the difference between plants and photovoltaics, and how each model uses and gives energy. The question opens the discussion of which model is better at cap-turing solar energy. Photovoltaic cells turn the solar energy into flowing electrons, meanwhile, plant cells turn it into plant food – and shares that knowing which one is better, the legislators could have a better idea to approve either biofuels or solar electricity. In order to try and find an answer to their very complex question (which model is better at capturing solar energy?), some biologists, and chemists, developed an experiment. Their experiment was based on how each cell stores energy, and how it is developed. Their results concluded that plant cells turn around 3% from the sunlight they received into compound energy, as for photovoltaic cells, they use an 10% average from their incoming sunlight into usable hydrogen.
After the experiment, the experts suggested that photosynthesis could be improved, as well as chemical fuels could be better if it was resourcefully from sunlight, which I totally agree with. From their conclusion, they branched out two possible ways that photosynthesis could be improved. When comparing photovoltaic cells with plant cells, as if they were completely equal, the biologists and chemists expressed that photovoltaic cells are capable of absorbing more energy from the sun because they capture it across the electromagnetic spectrum. This brings the first possible improvement to photosynthesis, plant cells, absorb only the visual light, but experts imply that bringing new pigments to plant cells could help them capture ultraviolet light.
Their second way of improvement included changing...

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