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We Real Cool A Poem By Gwendoly Brooks

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We Real Cool
“We Real Cool” is a poem that was written by poet Gwendolyn Brooks in the year of 1959. This poem states that the black young people in the United States went through to make a clear definition of themselves and tried to seek their values in the late fifties and early sixties, young kids knowing they are different from the society, so they started their abandonment from a young age, they give up school because they know they cannot be accept as other white kids, they were caught in things as rape, murder and robbery because that's the only thing the now to express their anger. They do everything that seems fun to them then die young because they have no hope left for them. These African American young ones are living in the society that was ruled as well as predominated trying to make them stay in the relatively oppressed state.
This poem presents a picture showing that a group of black young boys who were hanging out in the hall of pool and do a lot of illegal activities rather than going to study at school just like other students with the same age as them. These black young boys are always worried about their role in the society and cannot get the according secure feeling although they are still in the young ages. They are so little that many of them have no clear idea about the society and their future as the blacks. They are always in the confused and chaos states so as they feel lost to some extent. These black young boys are talking big in order to cover the internal instability. (Cummings, 2005) They would like to show to other people that they are the naughty and tough guys instead of trying to seek some help. They hold the point of view that they have been abandoned by the society and they have no place at all in the so called civilized society, they want to get attention, they want love, but they express their feelings in wrong ways as doing criminal things and get drunk, which makes the things even worse. Then the writer states that these black young boys’ life style will lead them to a relatively early death. However, he does not seem to care more about this thing. Those black young people have the right to exist in a free style without knowing or paying attention to what is wrong and what is right. They have no standards about their life in the present time. They live in a relatively confused life and have to shoulder the responsibility for their bad behaviors in the end and in that case, their final result can be death. The life of these black young boys is both full of the excitement and danger. But, they also must be faced with the challenges as well as threats in their near future. They are extremely likely to be faced with death as a result of the way they choose to take.
This poem has four verses of two stanzas. The final word is ‘we’ in most lines. In the poem, the next line portrays the specific thing that the young people do. For example, the line “we left school.”Except for its subtitle ("THE...

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