We Need More Postive News Stories

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Today’s society has had many achievements in the last century, for example; cars, radio, computers, and global television. Now America has the opportunity to hear what is going on all around the world and aid to those in need. However, there are many debates on how all the media is affecting and reforming the economy. The amount of news that crosses television screens is quite substantial and majority of it would be discouraging to the population. Is there a problem of having too much news? Considering all the developments that have transpired in the past 100 years, the ongoing generation's accomplishments are rewarding. Having the capability to know what is going on all over world, the dexterity to help those other countries in need immediately after a tragedy, and prepare for situations that are on the rise before they happen are fantastic elements; although, the amount of news that reaches the people may be considered excessive. Fortunately, news is a essential tool that has many contributors like, the ability to help others, protect our nation’s people, and learn about the upcoming elections, unfortunately, news also can lead to panic, and worry over all the situations transpiring in the world.

In the world today, many devastating and heartbreaking events have occurred. The Tsunami that just recently hit the coast of Japan caused such devastation that their country's economy will be dealing with the after math for decades to come. America’s news team had the events of the Tsunami streaming almost instantaneously. This gave the leaders of America time to prepare for the after affects of the Tsunami on the economy, in addition to debating and deciding on what actions should be taken over the condition of Japan. National television is a great tool because it brings much needed knowledge to the people. News influences all perspective of the world. Constantly morbid events are going on that the citizens’ view in the comfort of their home. Because of the constant streaming of global news, the people have the ability to help others in need more affectively, to know exactly what is going on and what protective measures need to be made. News is a critical area in the knowledge of the global economy.

Secondly, News is consistently giving updates to the people about upcoming elections, foreign and domestic. News influences the ability to be knowledgeable on what is going on in the nation's capital. Because of constant news, the citizens of the United States always know what debate or issue congress is fighting for. By knowing substantial amount of info going on in the...

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