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We Should Abolish The Minimum Wage

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My chosen topic is minimum wages increasing in the United States. This topic came from the idea from the news. It was brought up in the discussion. This topic was interesting because I work at a retail store in New Jersey. The wages in New Jersey are seven dollars and twenty five cents. In 2014 it will be a dollar up so it is going to be tough because prices will rise. This topic affects me because now I worked as a minimum wage worker so I get pay by an hour. If the wages rise then something will decrease and increase.
Minimum wage is the lowest hourly pay employers are legally able to pay their workers. In United States there is huge debate on whether or not to raise the current minimum wage rates from seven dollars and twenty five cents per hour. States are leading push to increase the minimum wage by Democrats who appeal to working class Americans. Congress want to increase minimum wages above seven dollars and twenty five cents. The issues of whether to raise the minimum wage or not.
Increasing the minimum wage makes employers want to hire less minimum wage earners. It causes employers to substitute machines, technology for labor. Hiring people becomes more high-priced so you change to something else. Instead of hiring two people to plow the snow with push snow plowers, the employer buys a riding snow plower and employs one person, who, with the faster and better riding snow plower, can mow more plows at a quicker rate, then removing the need for a second worker. In January 1, 2012, California’s minimum wage was set as eight dollar per hour.
Some people do not like increasing minimum wages because of the reducing employment. Small businesses will not able to afford of paying more. Minimum wage jobs are not for people how to support a family because it is for single person income earners and students. “The efforts, while supported by many unions, threaten to create a patchwork of wage rates that could mean workers in some areas will be entitled to vastly less than those working similar jobs nearby.” (Mike DeBonis and Reid Wilson, November 28) Minimum wage causes unemployment a lifelong depressing effect on the earning of many of those forced into unemployment. It harm in particular the least skilled most disadvantaged members of society. If labour markets are competitive a minimum wage would cause unemployment because firms will demand less labour. Higher wages may encourage more workers to supply their labour. The minimum wage is not planned...

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