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We Must Do More To Prevent School Violence

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It is necessary for the schools in the United States to take more action in order to keep the students safe during the day. It is obvious that schools are not safe, forcing everyone to take a part in stopping the violent behavior which takes place in schools on a daily basis. There are many warning signs and ways to prevent this violence from taking place, it is just a matter of using money more wisely and creating more programs for preventing violence before it erupts in schools. There is no excuse for students to feel unsafe in an environment which the government forces them to be in. It is necessary that more action take place and that more training take place in order for schools to be safer, and in the event where violence does occur, the staff of the school is equipped to stop it before it gets out of hand. There is no time like now to keep the children and our schools safe from predators and especially from school violence.

“Violence is the act of purposefully hurting someone. … One in twelve high schoolers is threatened or injured with a weapon each year” (Trump, 2005).

When is it necessary to start taking more action in the prevention of school violence? In less than ten years, in the United States, there have been more than twenty-five school shootings resulting in at least one death per shooting. This number is outrageous and certainly warrants more school violence prevention. It is unacceptable that the schools in the United States are not safe enough to allow children to attend without the possibility of getting seriously injured, or even killed. Most people realize that there is a slight chance of school violence everyday, but not everyone realizes how great a possibility it is for a school to be consumed by violence.

“Enormous public concern has been concentrated on recent school shootings. Some schools now resemble concentration camps. They have security personnel and metal detectors in place, to detect armed students” (Robinson, 2001).

It should be federal law that every school be equipped with security officers, on-call police, and metal detectors. If such a law would be put into place, there would most definitely be less violence in the school system. Students would not be able to bring concealed weapons into schools, leaving less possible weapons for the children to possess. Of course there will still be unlikely objects being used as weapons, like scissors or pencils, but the staff of a school must find it easier to stop a violent behavior with such a weapon, instead of violent behavior using a knife or gun. If these illegal weapons would be taken out of the scene altogether, the violence that does erupt would be much easier to get under control and from there, much simpler to stop. If a gun or knife became involved, everyone in the school would be in danger, starting at the instance of the object’s arrival onto school property. The removal of the possibilities of these occurrences, in itself,...

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