We Must Fight Sex Trafficking In Europe

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The act of sex trafficking has been around for many years and has always been a problem. This industry has harmed millions of people lives each year and yet there is still little action being done to stop it. Trafficking is defined as the act of forcing a person to do something, and in this case it is forcing people to sell their bodies for sex (Morrison 9). The industry of sex trafficking was originally started in 1994 and makes a preposterous amount of money, which ranges from five to seven billion dollars per year to the owners of the slaves (7). This industry is seen in many countries, including Spain, Russia, India, Germany, Brazil, United States, Mexico, and most of eastern Europe. These are just some of the big countries that partake in sex trafficking of humans, but the United Nations estimates that 127 countries are in this business and between two to four million people are being trafficked around the world today (7). These numbers are so large that this industry has been identified as the fastest growing industry in the world (7). Of these major countries, those present in Europe are seen as the worst in this industry (Andrijasevic 26). These countries traffic between 700,000 to 1.5 million people (Goodey 26).
Any person can be a victim of sex trafficking, but women and children are often the ones that get caught in this industry. Most often women between the ages of sixteen and nineteen are the main targets. The reason these girls are the biggest targets is because they are trying to move away from home and into bigger cities or countries such as France, Spain, and Germany (Andrijasevic 24). These men who own them offer to buy a visa in these countries for them and a plane ticket to get there (24). After agreeing to go with these men to escape from home, these girls are then put into one of the most malicious industries in the world. Once these women are slaves to these men, they are beaten, drugged, and emotionally scarred by the experiences they are about to encounter (Goodey 33). The experiences these women have to go through harm their lives and are very unhealthy for the human body to endure. Though these women are exposed to horrible experiences for sex trafficking, they are not protected the way they should be.
The government in Europe does not consider cases dealing with sex trafficking as a priority and in return people’s lives continue to be in danger. These women have asked for help from the government, but they are often not seen as physically abused victims so they are not usually saved. The number of asylums increased at a large rate between the years of 1992-1997 (Morrison 34). An asylum is protection granted by a nation to a victim who is a political refugee and left their native country. These women filled out asylums because they were seen as political refugees that were forced to leave their country (33). The reason these women are not prioritized is because as the number of applications...

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