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We should attend classes, NOW!(An essay on the issue of "Compulsory School Attendance)A copy-pasted-edited essay might start like "Culture is blah blah blah…" or "According to blah blah blah…." But for me? I start it with a revelation like I have written above, so it won't sound copy-pasted, because it really isn't. and the fact that people out there are just simply copy-pasting-editing their essays irks me, for such actions only shows ignorance and laziness.I have chosen the topic 'Compulsory School Attendance' for the fact that it hit me, because if I am to be asked, I will really disagree on such proposition. Why stay on a class discussion with the fact that you already know the lessons that are being taught? I am not referring to myself, I am referring to those highly intelligent people who are being out of school because of that reason. A good example of that is the greatest thinker of the 20th century, Dr. Albert Einstein. He became out of school because for him, all the lessons in the school is so boring. Another reason is that why stay on a room where people you abhor are situated? I'd rather go shopping, I thought, and just enter the class on long quizzes and exams. And another argument is that compulsory school attendance gives much time-pressure like punctuality that makes the students 'haggard' as we call it. Seeing these arguments makes me think. I meditated in this topic to arrive at a conclusion- I am in favor of Compulsory School Attendance.It's funny how a sudden change of heart takes place, but for me it is not that sudden. I need to contradict my own opinion to come up with a better one. Perhaps we fail to see the real beauty and essence of complying students to attend classes. I sound like a beauty queen on that sentence. Anyways, I want to lay some facts regarding my sudden change of heart. Here are my arguments:Classroom attendance practices students to be punctual (preparation for work)Classroom attendance is an assurance of classroom participation (interpersonal/social skill practice)Classroom attendance ensures student safety (lives at stake)Classroom attendance gives all students equal opportunity to learn (absences means avoidance to opportunities.Classroom attendance entails discipline and behavioral improvement (class rules to be followed everyday like cleaning and beautification and reports and demonstrations)Let's go over the first one, "Classroom attendance practices punctuality". The school is our preparation for the real world, and making students practice constant punctuality assures that they will surely be punctual in their soon-to-be job. A study on Massachusetts Institute of Technology Human Management Department says that "the more a student is practiced to be punctual on his/her younger years, the more he is punctual in the years to come". This suggests that the adage "train up a child the way he should go and when he is old he would not depart from it" is true and real.Classroom attendance...

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