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We Should Not Change The School Calendar

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Do you want to go to school in the summer? I believe we should not change the school calendar because it affects each and every one of you. First, family life is threatened because of year-round schooling. Next, summer vacation proves to be as valuable as school. Finally, test scores have shown little improvement. We should not change the school calendar because it is a threat to family life, summer vacation is as valuable as school, and it has little to no positive influence on test scores. I believe it is important to incorporate family time into our lives.
Year-round education poses a threat to family life. Family time is an important part of our lives. If we had year-round school, parents would have trouble finding daycare for their children who would have several weeks off repeatedly. To make it worse, children from the same families would be on different school schedules (Sardo-Brown). Also, it would be hard for sports teams in different districts to coordinate practice times, because they are on different school schedules (Lehrer). Next, summer is important for family relationships and traditions. For divorced families, year-round school would make it hard to reunite. Lastly, there's a wide range of opportunity for family time together in the traditional school calendar (Bussard). Although family time is important, so is summer vacation.
People believe that summer vacation is as valuable as school. Summer gives children the time to mature, relax, and have fun (Sardo-Brown). Having a shorter summer vacation will rob children of critical learning experiences. Also, people say that when you come back to school in the fall you forget the things you previously learned. Research states that the percentage of people returning to school in the fall knowing less is very close to zero percent.Summer makes an impact on growth, development, learning, and enrichment opportunities. Year-round school stifles creativity. Year-round school interrupts activities. Summer is also important to the economy of seasonal communities (Bussard). Children wouldn't be able to attend summer camps and would have a difficult time finding a summer job (Lehrer). For those in year-round school who have winter vacation would have little activity. In a vote, 83% of people wanted to stay with the traditional school calendar. Only 10% wanted year-round schooling, 5% of people said they were fine with either, and the other 3% had no preference (Sardo-Brown). People say that a year-round calendar is better because families can take more than one vacation. Although you can take more than one vacation per year, only few families can afford more than one a year. In the 37 year-round schools in five southern states, all but a few schools have returned to the...

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