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We Must Not Regulate The Internet

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“The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn't understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had.” ~Eric Schmidt. As CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt and his company own and operate one of the largest search engines in the world. With them earning $54 billion per year economically, and also $25 billion in the online advertising business, they understand the internet. In fact their estimated total economic influence they have had on the world, it is close to $119 billion (Ha). The internet is growing at an exponential rate. The internet has, in fact, been increasing in size since it was first started in the late 1960’s. As with any resource of this nature, however, we soon found ourselves with a problem. How are we going to keep this a free and open environment while still preventing criminals from going too far and causing other innocent people from having their property and rights violated? Due to the fact that the internet is a global network that is by nature free and open, the US government does not have the right to increase its regulation of the internet in terms of privacy, spam, and pornography.
Background: Basic Internet Infrastructure.
The internet was first started in 1969, and only consisted of four host computer systems (Tyson). Now days, the internet is huge, in fact so huge that we are currently at 95% usage of the 4.3 billion available addresses on the internet. This means that we will be moving from IPv4 to IPv6, which has an outstanding 3.4×1038 available addresses, soon to help accommodate the excess connected nodes (Shankland). Every node on the internet has an address that follows the format of four octets joined with a period such as With IPv6 they simply added another octet to the end, thus making it follow the rough form of Also, each octet can only go up to 256. One of the best things about this global network of computers is that no one person actually owns it. The internet literally belongs to the people. In its simplest terms, the internet is really just a large number of computers, called nodes, connected together with network switches and routers. In fact the very name of it is derived from interconnected networks. Some of these nodes have special programs to enable other client nodes to connect to it and exchange information with it. These computers, known as servers, can host any sort of information to exchange. Some host e-mail, some web pages, and others can host FTP (file transfer protocol). (Tyson)
Privacy on the internet is not the government’s responsibility.
The resent explosion of the popularity and use of the internet, we now face a new treat to our privacy. A lot of the concern over privacy however is generated more from people who have had negatives experiences with privacy online. To understand this it is important to understand that a web site and find out a lot of information just based on where that person visits and how the...

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