We Must Reduce Spending On Health Services And Snap

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 The United States is a powerhouse country. We are one of the most advanced and largest countries in the world. The 317,000,000 population has given us advantages and disadvantages. In 2013 our gross domestic product was $16.335 trillion dollars. Despite the incredible gross domestic product, we will spend $811 billion this year on medicare and medicaid according to the government. Experts estimate the by the year 2021, 46% of Americans will solely rely on the government for healthcare. With the government healthcare is also the SNAP program. 46.6 million Americans use the SNAP program, which spends $74.6 billion a year. Today the United States is seventeen trillion dollars in debt, and hasn't taken any bold initiative to reduce it. In 2014 it is estimated that we will add another six-hundred billion dollar to our debt. This much debt would divide out to about $54,000 per person. In just this year alone we will add $772 billion to our deficit and have a net interest of $246 billion. Since September 30th of 2012 we average an increase of $2.73 billion a day. For 2013 we will spend $700 billion on our military, which shouldn't be cut. Wars do not help our debt either. In World War II our debt increased by 120%. The government is estimating that from now till 2022 we will gain $6.684 trillions dollars of debt. Certain measures need to be taken to slash this embarrassing debt. The price of health services and SNAP rises each year in addition to our national debt, which indefinitely needs to be depleted by reducing government health services expenditures with an enlightened plan.
The Government spends a lot of money on its health services and benefits for the people. The two main programs that the government established for health services would be Medicare and Medicaid. At the same time one of the main benefit programs would be SNAP. SNAP is short for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Most people know of SNAP as “food stamps”. All of these programs benefit specific groups of people. The SNAP program benefits 46.6 billion people in 2013 with low income. The program allows the program participants to receive aid with food expenses. The program benefits strictly food expenses for individuals. On the health side Medicare and Medicaid seem similar, but have a few key differences. Medicare is a government funded health insurance program for citizens that are sixty-five or old. Anyone that is on medicare that is under the age of sixty-five must have a eligible disability to qualify. Medicare was created in 1965 to aid individuals on social security. The Medicare program is made up for four parts. Part A is a medical insurance that covers the individual in the case of a accident that requires a emergency room visit. Part B covers doctor services and helps maintain the individuals help on a regular basis. This part essentially covers family doctor checkups. Part C of Medicare is a combination of A and B. Part C is supposed to be more cost effective,...

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