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We Tell Stories To Come To Terms With The World To Harmonize Our Lives Within Reality.

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Why Babylon and Christmas? The two are very similar, both coming from and being established in paganism, the one a modern/current festival the other seemingly dead. The Babylonian myth is based on the pagan trinity of Nimrod the father, Semiramis the mother and Tammuz the child. Hislop proposes that all ancient myths are birthed from Babylon and all false religions have a pagan trinity of father, mother and child, the mother taking the place of the Holy Spirit as the trinity is understood in the bible. Nimrod is mentioned in the bible as being "a mighty hunter before the Lord" and as being the founder of Babylon, Shinar and Erech (Gen 8:1) and he may also have built the tower of Babel. As the great black hunter he rode forth on horseback and used leopards to hunt other animals and the vestiges of dinosaurs that were left on the earth after the flood. Then placing people in cities to be protected from the beasts he became their first king. The fair skinned and beautiful Semiramis caught the eye of Nimrod and he took her to be his wife. It was rumoured that her beauty could stop a rampaging mob. The king now trained bands of men in the mountains so that he could form the first army then went to battle against the surrounding peoples. He promoted sexual immorality, drunkenness and the use of magic among his people even calling down lightning from heaven to destroy and frighten his enemies. In such a way as this he lifted the Spirit of God from the earth. For his many sins Shem the son of Noah, who was still alive upon the earth, called Nimrod into Egypt to be judged in the patriarchal way. Nimrod came forth to receive the charges against him and was judged worthy of death. His body was cut into twelve pieces and sent to the surrounding countries as a warning against his sin. His wife lamented him but was a whore and she slept with many partners and in time had a child who she named Tammuz, and proclaimed that Nimrod had visited her one night after his death and told her that he would be reborn as her son. The people worshipped Tammuz as Nimrod reborn but they also revered Semiramis his beautiful mother and wife. This, Hislop postulates, is how false religion began.Included in the festival of Christmas are, the jolly old supernatural being, Father Christmas, who flies all over the earth with the aid of flying reindeer, delivering presents all over the world on one night! Somewhere in there is a mother and child in a crib, mistletoe, Christmas trees, holly and drunken revelry similar indeed to that of Babylon.The Babylonian myth started off as a mystery religion, kept secret because of the backlash that occurred after the death of Nimrod. There are similarities of symbolism between the myth of Christmas and the Babylonian myth. Nimrod lifted the heavens up on his shoulders (comparable to Atlas) by causing his subjects to sin by sexual immorality, drunkenness and frivolity, this caused God's spirit to lift off the earth, so it was no longer oppressive...

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1607 words - 6 pages will take away will not be “the truth”; it will be the truths that Sarah has provided and shaped for me and that I have accepted”. Polley herself affirms this, saying that “the truth about the past is often ephemeral and difficult to pin down… and many of our stories…end up with shifts and fictions in them, mostly unintended” (Stories We Tell 2012). Polley’s direction of the film directly impacts the way the meaning it conveys. David Edelstein

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988 words - 4 pages where your letters should be, and not your hand, your mum always took your hand. (Then again, your palms were sticky from the juice earlier and you didn’t want your mum to know you’d been stealing the juice she’d told you not to touch – again.) Your mum dragged out a small wooden box, lined with engravings of rose and lavender, lifting them off the dark wood to create images you would have happily tried to copy all day using the simple browns and

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1299 words - 6 pages laws has brought on a very polarized controversy with some wanting amnesty for immigrants, while others seek for strict enforcement of legal measures and deportation of illegal aliens. Many people have taken stands and have spoke up on the matter. Mocking America’s laxity on illegal immigration in his song “Come to the USA,” comedian Ray Stevens, on of the many who voiced their opinion, uses irony to argue against the US immigration policy. Unlike

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