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I Tried To Lift Weights, But It Didn’t Work Out

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Steroid usage has a stenching stigma in our society. People tend to associate steroids with unjust sportsmanship, health hindrances, and the notorious “roid rage”. It is looked down upon in the same light as heinous crimes and anyone that uses it to their advantage is treated as an untouchable. For that matter, people won’t even pass the thought that steroids should be legalized. The truth is that these are all misconceptions. Steroids don’t bring significant health hindrances when used properly and roid rage is only a myth. While it is unfair to use in competition, it should be up to sports leagues and not the government. The individual should be free to choose what they do to their body
Performance enhancing drugs managed to make an impression that they’re easy to use. People believe you just pop a tablet before hitting bed and wake up with the body of a Greek god that has heart issues and an urge to punch a massive hole through the nearest brick wall. This is a myth, steroid usage has to be carefully planned and it takes time to achieve a person’s goal. In fact, steroids can’t solely make you fitter, it must be done alongside a workout routine that is harder and longer than one a “natural” athlete would use. Steroids only allow an athlete to work harder by allowing the body to take advantage of protein surpluses and speeding up muscles’ healing process. (Fahey)
Some believe steroid users will inject their daily dosage and instantly metamorphize into a bloodthirsty animal, annihilating each object standing in their path. They’ll scare off all the puny humans using their newfound monster-sized vascularity as they bask in their destruction and athletic superiority. This violent behavior is commonly known as “roid rage” and is a commonly used reference to brigade against steroids. The truth is there isn’t scientific evidence to support this claim. In fact, some steroid users report feeling relaxed and more even-tempered. Studies that have been done to evaluate the myth only show that people accused of roid rage had already held violent tendencies before taking any steroids. (Bigger Stronger Faster*) If the phenomenon existed we would see an overwhelming amount of violent acts from WWE wrestlers, bodybuilders, and professional athletes.
An issue people have with steroids is its unfair use in sports. Over the years many athletes have been arrested, fired, and had awards stripped away for steroid usage in leagues that do not tolerate such extreme advantages. Leagues attempt to level the playing field through drug tests and suspensions, but the effort has proven to not work. (Katz) The problem still persists to this day and athletes are still not anymore afraid to abuse them to gain an advantage in competition, the risk is too small compared to the benefit.
Professional sports should adopt the bodybuilding point of view and establish separate divisions, or an entirely new league, for natural and synthetic athletes. Doing so gives steroid users a...

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