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I sat positioned in front of the little box -now the only entertainment I had since the motley government killed my family and friends. My eyes were pasted to the miniature screen as images flashed across, my brain was focused on one thing. Finding the stock characters. This was the first I've seen of this show, but Cookie was definitely the nerd of the show. "RODOLF!," my elder brother Carlos broke though the doors of basement screaming, "Big problem, got to go, NOW." Carlos slid his slim body down the railing of the staircase. He jumped off before he reached the end of the railing and grabbed my arm. "The army dude, we gotta leave right now, there's no time to get anything right now. I ...view middle of the document...

After hesitating for a second or two he scurried after me. Popping open the mouth of the man hole I Jumped in feet first, Carlos not caring at all struggle to get the cover back on before he fell in face first.

I landed in a crouch stance, then stood to my feet, there was a geyser of moldy sewer water then Carlos popped up with a helpless embarrassed look on his face. For the two (putting aside appearances) of us he was the most soft. I cautiously walked to the edge and pulling him onto the crumbling sidewalk that snaked to either side of us before disappearing into darkness. We sat in the darkness of the rank smelling sewer. "Rodolf?," Carlos had his head turned in my direction. The faintest bit of light made them seem to be on fire. "Yeah Carlos.What?" I tried to avoid eye to eye contact regardless of his intense stare. "It's my fault again isn't it? I know I shouldn't have gone out but I wanted to look for more kids, I wanted to see if there were any survivors like us.?I-I- I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." I heard the breaking in his voice, he started to choke up. "Carlos. Hear me out when I say it's not your fault. That's the freaking truth. It's not your fault, nothing ever was." Immediately Carlos broke and his Catharis was heart breaking. "NO RUDOLF! You don't get it You just don't. I could have saved them, I could have saved my FAMILY! My mother, my father, oh GOD Matthew too!" I couldn't break the spell shock that possessed me. All I was able to do was stare. Every break down Carlos had the name "Matthew" would come up. I was curious as to who this was but he never cared to share and I accepted his need to keep to himself.

"Rodolfo, come here." an urgency was in my mother's voice as I sprinted into the house. "Yes mommy?" I looked up at my mother's beautiful face, cocoa brown eyes lovingly looked back at me. "Sweet heart we're going to play a little game, your going to hide in the basement and keep real quiet, ok? But this is a very important game, you can't come out," my mother's eyes began to glaze over with tears, "Don't come out for anyone but me. Do you understand?" I slowly nodded my head. I was about to ask my mother why she was crying, what was going on. Then a knock came at our door, I ran for it, but my mom held me back. "No no sweetly. You go and begin the game, go to the basement, lock the door and find your hiding spot. What ever you do don't move until mommy comes for you." I couldn't help it, my eyes began to water, then hot tears flowed down my face. A bizarre feeling took me over, I lunged at my mom's legs. "NO! Mommy don't get the door, please don't leave. I love you!" My mother placed one finger under my chin and gently nudged up my head. "I will always love you Rodolf. don't forget that. Now, go and do as I said. It's time to be a big boy. Remember, no matter what, don't come out of your hiding place." Another knock came at the door, this one more louder My mother gave me a final kiss before I ran to my hiding place....

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