We Were Handed A Paper And This Is All It Said: Is Government Necessary?

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The Government, Where It’s at Today, and What It Should BeBy the definition meaning, Government is a body that has the authority to make and the power to enforce rules and laws within an organization or group. There are many forms of government out there, but the one that we are most familiar is the Federal Government of the United States. It is by this that we live our lives everyday, better or worse. Our government is divided into three branches, there’s executive, the guys that run our day to day lives by collecting taxes and ensuring our general security. There’s the legislature, the guys that appoint the executive, and the ones that make our laws. And then there’s the judicial, these are our beloved courts that deliver justice to the people.In simpler words, the government is the only thing that may legally use force, and nobody else can do this, this is called police power. Then it has a lot of carefully selected people decide what to do with this power they hold. Even with all these worthy, knowledgeable people that think everything through to ensure the best treatment of its people, a government may become unjust and corrupt, and a leader might embark on an insane quest for power, literarily or metaphorically speaking. They have the power to do so because they are the only ones with the power. This is when the splendor, beauty, and excellence of a government become dangerous and wrong. Such things were allowed to happen in the past, and they surely will happen again in the future if steps aren’t taken to prevent that.Although it’s not seen by many people, there are better alternatives out there, my favorite of which being Anarchy. Of course there are those who strongly believe that such a thing is impossible, that it’s invertible to have laws and hierarchies when they even exist in nature. But are we not more civilized, are our mental capacities and...

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