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We Will Win Essay

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Hunger Games TestWhat is Katniss doing in the beginning of The Hunger Games?Going to school.Going to meet friends.Going huntingTeaching Prim how to hunt.How did Katniss' father die?Executed by Peacemakers.A mine explosion.Attacked by a wild animal.Drowned in the lake.How did Gale and Katniss become friends?They got to school together.Both of their fathers died in the same mine explosion and they both hunt in the woods.They met at a reaping a couple years ago.Katniss' mother treated his brother and they met then.Who gave Katniss her mockingjay pin?Her mother.Gale.Madge.Greasy Sae.What memory does Katniss have of Peeta when they were younger?When they used to play tag at school.Peeta purposely dropped some loaves of bread into the fire so he could throw it out to Katniss in the cold rain.When they traded food often.When Katniss' mother bought bread form the bakery every week.How does Katniss tell Prim to help the family?Go hunting.Look though dumpster.Use the goat's milk.Ask the mayor for food.Which two birds mated to create the Mockingjay?Jabberjay and Mockingbird.Mockingbird and Robin.Bluejay and Mockingbird.Oreo and Jabberjay.What did Katniss do when prim's name was called?Volunteer as tribute.Cry.Go on a rampage.Kill herself.What did Peeta say in his interview before the Games that made the audience go wild?That he will sacrifice himself in the Games.He has a pregnant girlfriend back home.That he is in love with Katniss.He will be the first to die.Who is Haymitch?A drunk.A previous winner.Their advisor.All of the Above.Who were the Careers?Clove, Rue, Glimmer, Peeta.Marvel, Cato, Thresh, Foxface.Thresh, Cato, Marvel, Rue.Cato, Clove, Peeta, Glmmer, Marvel.Why do the Careers let Peeta into their group?So they can find Katniss faster.To kill him while he's close.To get more sponsors.They believed he will actually help them live.How does Katniss find easiest to sleep and hide?Strapped up in a tree.In a cave.Hidden in bushes.On the ground, hidden by leaves.What is the first major catastrophe the Gamemakers cause for Katniss?A flood.A forest fire.Wild squirrels that attack any human.Insects that eat you alive.After Katniss runs from the incident she finds a lake. She sees the Careers and runs, how do they not get her?She swims deep into the lake so they cannot find her.She throws rocks at them until she finds a safe spot.She leads them near the Cornucopia, where mines where rigged to set off.She runs into the forest and climbs up a tree the others can't climb.Who is Rue?A 12 year old girl from district 11.A 16 year old girl from district 12.A 14 year old girl from district 13.A 12 year old girl from district 12.How does Rue help Katniss when she's stuck up in the tree?She tells her to cut the Tracker Jacker nest off the tree.She tells her to quietly climb down.She tells her to climb from tree to tree.She tells her to fight with her.How many times does she gets stung by the nearby Tracker Jackers?Once.Four times.Twice.Three times.What does Katniss...

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