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Wealth, Beauty And Racism In Mexico. The Paper Focuses On The Racism Between The Indigenous Vs. White People In Mexico.

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There are two different worlds in Mexico, the world of the white (and rich) and the world of the Indigenous (and poverty stricken). Indigenous people have been excluded from privileges of the white population; they have been abused, attacked, neglected and essentially forgotten.Race and wealth inequality/wealth distribution-Extreme poverty excessively affects the indigenous portion of the population. Statistics (World CIA Factbook) indicate that the vast concentrations of wealth is among the white, which represent 9% of the population contrasted against the "darker" citizens is direct proof that racial and class discrimination exists in Mexico. Politicians, businessmen, intellectual elites of the nation all tend to be white and well educated and well-traveled.Another reason for wealth distribution is the language barriers that preclude meaningful participation for indigenous people in the nation's GDP. Most indigenous people don't speak Spanish, even though Spanish is the language that has been assigned in the Education System. As a result, education is unavailable. Illiteracy rate among indigenous people is six times the national average. Moreover, this proves a huge disadvantage during election time as ballots and voter information is only available in Spanish. If the indigenous people cannot read or understand Spanish they cannot cast their vote, or vote for someone who may make a difference to their culture.Mexicans, live with the discrepancies of incomes directly correlating with race. The original criollo structure is still very strong and influential in Mexico.Race and beauty-Mexico is a very patriotic nation especially for its Indian heritage, which is ironic since Indians are despised for their physical appearance, poverty, and language. Racism is common around Mexican homes, defining the Mexican hierarchy to their children according to colour.Mexicans ideal beauty quickly determines their racial hierarchy. At the top of their list is white skin, with blue eyes and blonde hair; traits which are completely alien to their population. At the bottom of the list are typical indigenous features, brown eyes, hair and skin, black hair and broad faces.Even within Indigenous families a type of racism occurs. The lighter skin child will be called "guero", even if s/he is dark skin, conversely, the darker skin will be called "prieto" or "negro" even though they do not look like this. It is unbelievable how the Mexican culture has come this far to even brainwash Indigenous to this slang to indicate the more "supreme" child. I have even read stories of mothers telling their dark kids not to drink coffee as it will make them even darker.The reason the "supreme" whites are called guero is quite puzzling. It comes from the variant of huevo, and means in Spain...

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