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Wealth In The Greath Gatsby Essay

1109 words - 4 pages

English Plan.

Topic: Wealth

• The world today is still obsessed with wealth as much as in the great Gatsby
• Everyone wants to be rich
• People think money buys happiness

1. What wealth is
2. Wealth in todays society
3. Wealth within the great Gatsby
4. Relate the great Gatsby to modern society
5. Conclude ideas that are related between the great Gatsby & modern society and say how things have changed over time
6. Conclude

Wealth, one of the main goals for millions of people around the world, but what is wealth? Wealth is the idea of possessing an abundance of valuable possessions or money and using this for personal pleasure rather than to help other people. The notion of wealth can sit quite negatively. But I believe this idea of wealth can not only be with physical possessions; it can be the idea of being Spiritually Wealthy, Mentally wealthy, Physically wealthy as well as many others. All these Philosophy’s of wealth have been around for thousands of years dating back centuries, and are still extremely relevant today.

Within modern society, monetary wealth is the main source of control and power; most people today see wealthy people as “more important” or “more powerful” just cause they have more money than them. Thus in turn giving the wealthy people the upper hand with no one to stand against them allowing them to do as they please. This is the case through many countries around the world. In some countries it varies slightly with the governments listening to there people but taking more influence from these wealthy people, it is on very rare occasion that these people are treated equally with the middle and lower class family’s. A study by Drs Keltner and Piff at the University of California found that; first of all, drivers of more expensive cars are more likely to break road rules, second of all, upper class individuals where more likely to cheat or lie to win a prize or multiple prizes, along with another study stating that upper class individuals also give less money to charity that middle and even lower class individuals. (This not including many famous wealthy people e.g. Bill Gates)1 all of these ideas are very evident around the world today, everyone wants to be wealthy, but even so there are those few that are quiet happy not being rich.

Within the great Gatsby wealth is represented as a want, everyone wants wealth and if you’re not wealthy you’re not going to have friends, all of these things are extremely evident without the great Gatsby and are represented many times within this book. (INSERT WORDS HERE) “In The Great Gatsby, money makes the world go 'round—or at least gets you moving in the right direction. It can buy you yellow Rolls-Royces, "gas blue" dresses, and really nice shirts, but in the end it can't buy you happiness. Or class. It does, however, buy you the privilege of living in the world without consequences, leaving a trail of bodies halfway from Chicago to New York. But being poor...

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