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Weapons Used By Americans During World War Ii

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This project is about some of the weapons used by American soldiers during World War II. The weapons included are some of the most used and reliable used by American infantrymen throughout the war. Of all of the weapons used by American infantrymen these weapons were produced in greater quantities than others and also were favorites of the American men that used to fight in World War II. Some of these weapons were manufactured and used before World War II, but were produced and used on a larger scale in World War II. Weapon descriptions, main uses and ammunition fired from them will be discussed in the report. How they were beneficial to the American soldiers that used them will also be discussed. Some of these weapons were thought to be superior to others used by American soldiers, as well as those used by enemy forces. These weapons are unique in their own way and used by soldiers with confidence that they were going to perform as they needed them to in battle.
Several sources were used to collect information about the weapons described in this project. Most of the sources used were web pages. There is one book source. The project will also include a presentation complete with pictures and lecture for each of the weapons in the written report.
This purpose of this project is to inform people of how important some of these weapons were to the American military during World War II.

The M1 Carbine was a unique weapon that was very helpful in World War II to American soldiers that had them. This was a .30 caliber weapon that had two types of cartridges. There was one that held fifteen rounds and another that held thirty rounds. It was very lightweight and gas operated and air cooled. M1 Carbines were first issued in 1941 for soldiers who had to have a stronger weapon than a pistol but also needed to travel light. They only weighed about six pounds with and accurate range of up to three hundred yards (Flowers gen. facts). It was a very useful weapon for paratroopers and was a favorite for the Marine Corps. As the war progressed the M1 Carbine had a bayonet added to it along with a new folding stock. Not only did firearms companies produce the M1 Carbine, many other companies did too. GM and juke box company Rock-Ola were among those to produce the weapon (Flowers par. 3). With over six million M1 Carbines handed out to American soldiers it would become the most produced firearm in the history of the United States military.
Thompson Submachine Guns or “Tommy Guns” had been around long before World War II. Law officers and criminals used this as a weapon of choice since 1928 (Sherman par. 1). Firing a .45 caliber bullet, it was made to use with a twenty and thirty round clip or a very unique ‘round drum” that held fifty rounds. This weapon only had an accurate range of about fifty yards. Reliability and stopping power were the most appealing features of the weapon. Enemy battalions could be quickly wiped out by a few Marines with Thompson...

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