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Weapons Of Mass Destruction Are Bad

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Should Weapons of Mass Destruction be stopped from being created because of the harm that they do or continue to be created for their use in protecting society? This question continues to bother American’s daily. Weapons of Mass Destruction are weapons that are used to cause death or serious bodily injury through the release of toxic or poisonous chemicals. It’s also a weapon that is used to release radiation or radioactivity at a level dangerous to human life. They also cause damage to human made structures as well. Weapons of mass destruction can be classified as nuclear, biological or chemical. When we speak of nuclear weapons, we refer to the most deadly and dangerous weapons ever created (Krieger).The power that they possess can destroy cities, kill millions of people, harm the environment and can affect the lives of the future generations to come (Krieger). In nuclear weapons,the explosion is created by changing the atoms themselves, either by splitting them or fusing them together to create new atoms(Laura Reed). Also there are two main types of nuclear weapons: fission weapons and fusion weapons( Laura Reed). Chemical weapons use toxic chemicals to kill, injure or incapacitate an enemy (Laura Reed). Examples of chemical weapons are mustard gas and chlorine gas (Laura Reed). Chemical weapons can be produced relatively easily and the equipment required is widely available.(Laura Reed).
Biological weapons deliver toxins and microorganisms like viruses and bacteria and have deliberate means to spread disease to humans, animals or plants (Laura Reed). An example of a biological weapon is anthrax and a biological agent such as smallpox (Laura Reed). These weapons impact our society by causing destruction and despair to everyone and everything.To give background of the power of these weapons, nations have estimated that about 30,000 nuclear weapons in which combined is 20 times greater than the weapons that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Reed).
However, there are individuals that are for the creation of Weapons of Mass Destruction. It is said that Nuclear Weapons are used to prevent war (Falk). People believe that nuclear weapons prevent wars because they are the reason that most nations do not want to go to war (Juilet). Weapons of mass destruction can be a good negotiation tool (Juilet). There is no nation that would want to argue or have conflicts with other nations that have access to nuclear weapons (Juilet). They also can bring political power to a nation (Juilet). “A country that owns nuclear weapons is feared and respected.” No one wants to see another Hiroshima happen”(Juilet).They can also bring great pride to a nation. “Nuclear weapons create a sense of power and pride in the nations that possess it by satisfying the sadistic side of the human mind”. To summarize, those who are for weapons of mass destruction believe that they are beneficial in pride, power, and protection (Juilet). There are people who support the production of...

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