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Weapons Used In The Vietnam War

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The weapons that were used in the Vietnam War included: assault rifles, mortars, light weight machine guns, tanks, jets, helicopters, land mines, booby traps and poison gases that were meant to kill the plant life in the area. However, the poisonous gases lead to serious health problems. The weapons of the Vietnam War were lightweight and had further shooting range than weapons in previous wars. The United States and Vietnam both used extremely deadly weapons that caused tons of damage to the land and cost both countries many human casualties.
The Weapons that the United States soldiers used was the M-16, which is a “gas operated, magazine-fed rifle that fired a .223 caliber round. It ...view middle of the document...

” (
The Vietcong soldier’s weapons were the AK-47 which was made in the Soviet Union, “it was shorter and heavier then the m-16. It has a fire rate up to 600 rounds a minute and was accurate up to 435 yards (Meyerson) “ They also used the SKS which is a 7.62 mm semi automatic carbine with an effective range of 400 meters. It has a 10 round magazine and had a fire rate of 35 rounds a minute. The Rpd-7.62 light machine gun was almost the same as the m-60 but was the Vietnams version. It was equipped with a 100 round belt or a drum. It could fire 150 rounds a minute. The Vietcong used the SA-7 Grail Missile launcher to fight off U.S. armored vehicles because it was lightweight and could be fired from the shoulder. It was extremely accurate. The Vietcong used the mat49 sub machine gun. “It fired a 9mm round had a 32 round box magazine and had a pistil grip for better accuracy and had a fire rate of 600 rounds.“ (173dairborn)
The poisonous gas weapons used during the Vietnam War had many effects on people and plant life. It was called “Agent Orange”. It caused the plants to die in the area and nothing could grow there for many years. It also caused serious health problems to the people that were exposed to it. Agent Orange caused birth defects, many types of cancer, organ failure, and nerve problems.
Other bombs that were used during...

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